Thursday, January 3, 2008

So many goodies, so little time!

First, I just have to say how excited I am about the new kits available at Scrapwords. Leslie and I talked about them and I had a bunch of ideas and she decided to use some of my ideas! There are two kits available this month. She split up the Fancy Pants valentine felt and put two sheets in each kit! I think this is really cool because the full pack of felt is fairly expensive, but I would like to know what colors I am going to get when I order a kit. So you get to pick! if you choose kit number one then you get black and red felt and if you choose kit number two then you get pink and purple! pretty cool huh?! There are some other differences too, just enough to make it hard to pick just one! Oh, and since splitting up the packages is kinda tough, these kits are limited edition - so when they are gone, they are gone!

Ok, now on to me. It is sooooo cold today! This morning was no fun because Ellie woke up before I left and she didnt want me to leave. She was pretty tired and cranky and just crying and crying. It broke my heart to have to leave. BUT at the same time it kinda makes me feel good that at least I know she misses me. Does that make me an awful person? It just seems like she likes DH so much more than she likes me, so it is good to know that she really does love me and miss me when I leave.

Last night I had a migraine when I got home, and I had some dinner then scrapped a little. I got a whole page done! AND I really like it! I can't share it yet, but I am kind of impressed at how much scrapping can help my headaches. This is the second time I have tried it, and it really does seem to help. First, my posture when I scrap is totally different than when I sit at work, so that helps my head because my neck muscles get so tired from looking at the computer all day. Second, I can configure the light in my scraproom to be soothing rather than harsh. Third, it takes my mind off the pain. Fourth, it really helps me relax. Last night I was doing some deep breathing exercises while I scrapped and my headache just seemed to melt away. Unfortunately, when I went upstairs to get ready for bed, it came right back. What is the moral to that story? keep scrapping!

Oh and one more thing! I got chosen as a finalist in the design team competition for scrapbooknook. I entered the contest before I found out that I made the team for Scrapperie. I am thrilled but at first I was a little overwhelmed. I don't want to get too much on my plate because I want to do my best work for everyone. But then I thought about it some more, and the thing that is really stressing me out is this HOF entry, not the DT duties. Plus the kits at the Nook are totally yummy and everyone is so nice! So I have decided to stay in the running and now I even made up my mind that I want this!

Oh and I only made it one day in a row with the 365 day challenge, because I forgot to take a photo yesterday - lol! I blame it on the headache. But oh well. My diet did go well yesterday although maybe that is to blame partially for the headache, who knows. Today I vow to do Tai Chi at lunch, because I need to relax and because I read last night that Tai Chi was shown to help migraine sufferers in one study. LOL - everything seems to be able to be shown in one study or another huh? but still it will help with my stress, and help get my blood flowing and if it helps the headaches then great and if not oh well.


Darlene said...

good luck on your new DT entry! I'll have to check out Scrapwords...

Hope you have a headache free day today!


scrappermimi said...

Congrats on the Scrapperie DT and fingers crossed fir the Scrapbooknook too!

Hope your headache is gone.