Monday, November 24, 2008

My Twilight review

If you read my comments on YMBD then you might as well stop reading now because this is totally copy-pasted. but here is my take - from a lover of the books and someone who was DYING to see the movie...
ok, dont hate me for saying this, but ...

I pretty much hated the movie. I think a big part of it was Edward. I just dont find him attractive at all. and he really wasnt anything like I pictured. although, I think that is partly because I pictured him older - which is my own fault of course. but still, I thought his makeup was too heavy, his hair was just awful, hated his eyebrows and his lips. well, yeah, pretty much just didnt like him at all. I mean the actor that plays him is ok without all that makeup, but in my opinion, just ok. and with all that makeup, well, just plain weird. Didnt like the casting for Jacob either, but I think in the next movie I will SOOOO be team Jake, because I just dislike Edward so much.

And then I guess I fell into a lot of the problems with watching a movie after reading the book - it just didnt explain it right. And I totally 'got it' but DH went with me and I had to explain things to him the whole time and after the fact while we were making fun of it all night, there were more things he just didnt get.

Finally, - lol, could I really rip it any more?- I didnt like the way it was filmed. Im not a film buff or anything, in fact that was the first time I saw a movie in the theater in over a year, but I just thought the filming was weird, like soap opera dream sequence-esque. I guess it was meant to give it an ethereal feel, but I just found it weird.

wanna know who I thought was hot? James! lol!
oh and Carlisle was a close second. I guess I just really dont like younger boys. I have always had a thing for older men and I guess now that I am older, it just doenst go the other way.

I liked Bella, Esme and Alice and Emmett and Bella's Dad and Bella's friends. I thought Rosalie was poorly cast too. oh and I liked all the bad vampires, thought they were done really well. Can't wait to see more of Victoria.

oh and the cheesiness! omg! yeah I guess the book was cheesy, because most of the really cheesy parts came straight from the book, but there were times when I was just like 'omg did she REALLY just say that?" then again maybe it was the way it was acted and filmed. One scene that comes to mind is where he is saying, "say it, out loud, say it" and she says, "vampire" - it was unbelievably cheesy! I just totally had to roll my eyes at that one and almost felt like I watching one of those spoof movies like 'Scary Movie'. It was so beyond cliche.

So, as much as I really didnt love it. I will be seeing the second one and I am glad that they are making it.

great weekend

I had a really fabulous weekend. Very 'well balanced' plenty of rest, plenty of me time, plenty of family time, and I even accomplished a little something!

Friday I cleaned a little and scrapped a lot. Then we had dinner with the in-laws like usual. Saturday I cleaned some more, the cleaning people came over and cleaned a lot, I did laundry and scrapped, then we dropped ellie off at her grandparents and went to see Twilight. after the movie we went to dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen and had a great time chatting and making fun of the movie. (we havent had so much to talk aobut , or the time to do it in ages!) then we wandered the mall a little and went shopping in the disney store. I always buy a christmas ornament with the year on it. We got a tinkerbell with light up wings this year. and then we got a bunch of sets of figurines for ellie - the whole Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty collections. And they were all on sale!! oh and I found an adorable sweater dress that I HAD to get for her, because she wears dresses all the time and I wanted to get her a warm one, but they didnt have it in her size, so I called my Grandmother to see if she could check the store near her. Well she found one at a mall in between us, so we met up there the next day, after I had picked ellie up and ran a couple other errands. We met at the mall, did a little more sale Disney shopping, ellie sat on Santa's lap, then we ate lunch. When we got home I did a little more scrapping and helped ellie make some glittery snowflakes we watched some TV and got out some Christmas decorations, then had dinner and made pumpkin bread. GREAT GREAT weekend!

and here are a few pages using Fancy pants stuff from the Scrapwords store!



Thursday, November 20, 2008

Im in the spotlight!

My 'Mint Chocolate Chip Mickey' page is one of the Creative Team spotlight pages at this month!

Read the article for that comments from the Creative team. (mine is a little over half way down the page)
but here is the page that they chose, and I must admit that this is one of my current faves from my own work:


Creative Inkling

Last night I got to go to the new LSS near my office and meet the people that I will be working with as part of the Design Team. They were both super nice and I can't wait to meet the rest of the team! And the store is so cute! it is small but really well stocked! I spend almost $50 - oops! But I got some great flowers and stickles and brads- oh my! Oh and I HAVE to share that they are going to be having Donna Downey in the store for 2 days of classes! I can't wait!

So, I know most of you arent, but if you are local and get a chance to stop into Creative Inkling in Peddler's Village, Lahaska, PA, this is the page of mine that you will see, right at the front of the store, I feel like a star! lol


Monday, November 17, 2008

chore chart

This is a chore chart that I made for ellie. I wanted to keep it super simple. She gets a star each day before bed time if she feeds the dog, picks up her toys and doesnt hit. Then when the paper is full, she will get a small gift.

for the base of this I used a shipping envelope. Just covered it with patterned paper and embellished. Then I punched the holes with my crop-a-dile and threaded ribbon through the pages (printed from word 2 to a page) and tied the ribbon in the back. Then I made little snips in the pages to make them easier to tear off.

This is the first thing that I used my new Slice on too!

So far Ellie is really on board with the whole star thing. She kept asking for a star all day yesterday then when I gave her one she was so excited! She now has three because she had earned one earlier in the week and then we gave her one for picking up her toys before settling on the 'before bed - one star per day' plan.

I couldnt settle on how to hang it up, so we just have it on the fridge with a magnetic chip clip holding it up.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

dream girls challenge

This page was for the DreamGirls challenge blog. The challenge was to make a layout about something or someone you are thankful for, use a mask and metal.

I made a page about Ellie. and I used a mask on the background (which is a clear plastic cutting mat, which I traced a MM shaped paper onto and cut into that shape) - I used a KI lace cardstock (sprayed with acrylic gloss to prevent it from getting soaked)as a mask then I used alcohol ink in a spray bottle. Then I used an American Crafts slick writer to trace the designs and make them stand out a little more.

the metal is the brads. I had plans to add a lot more embellishments but I liked it sort of plain to let the background show.



Thursday, November 13, 2008

5 things ...

Ok, I was tagged by Leslie and I am goign to answer these questions because I am in an odd kind of mood and because Les is a good friend. But in general, I dont do blog tag, and I am not going to tag anyone at the end.

Oh and I am going to add one here at the top, maybe one of my things about me should have been that I am nonconformist, or maybe that I am an overachiever, or at least overambitious, or maybe just a multitasker...
5 things I am doing this weekend
1. crop at Scrapwords
2. crop at Scrapbook Dreamer
3. crop at ACOT
4. hair cut
5. lots of laundry

5 Things I love
1. My family
2. Scrapbooking
3. Watching TV
4. Candy
5. Fall

5 Snacks I love
1. Swedish Fish
2. buttery kettle corn
3. reeses cups
4. any sweet baked good - cookies, cakes, brownies etc
5. diet coke

5 Things you may not know about me
1. I like rap music
2. I am VERY sarcastic. (sometimes doesnt come across well online)
3. you may know this one now, but I am very liberal
4. I used to be a cheerleader
5. I NEVER work out. (working on changing that, but its true)

5 Quirky things about me
1. Well I dont think I have something quite as quirky as putting vapo rub on my nose each night, but let's see - I have a bad habit of clearing my ears when I get stressed
2. I bounce my legs often
3. I dont like Canadian singers. Nothing against them being Canadian, just for some reason I dont seem to like the popular ones - think Avril Lavigne.
4. I am great with numbers but bad with dates.
5. I dont really watch movies. Lots of TV, no movies.

5 Places I've lived
1. Lancaster county PA
2. Scottsdale AZ
3. Pittsburgh PA
4. Baltimore MD
5. Philadelphia PA

I choose not to tag anyone else.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bad girls workshop

well I am having a crappy migraine filled day. in fact I can't even really read what I am typing because my vision is so blurry, which means that I am probably getting another one - or the same one coming back - however you want to look at it.

BUT I am still excited about this workshop. I love all things bad girl, so check it out, the classes are always fabulous and inspirational, and while I havent won a prize yet, I bet they are pretty awesome too!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Just Get Over It

Seriously, I have no idea why I can't just forget about the election and move on. I keep rehashing it with upset McCain supporters. I really should just let them grieve however they want, even if it involves incorrect facts, and move on. But for some unknown reason, I can't.

Here is an interesting quote that I found on "According to exit polls, Obama crushed McCain among women voters (56 percent to 43 percent); voters under 30 (66 percent to 32 percent); African-American voters (95 percent to 4 percent); Latino voters (66 percent to 32 percent); first-time voters (68 percent to 31 percent); and voters making less than $100,000 a year (55 percent to 43 percent)."

I am in THREE of those categories, and four if you count that this is the first PRESIDENTIAL election that I voted in. weird.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Crop time!

Next weekend I will be hanging out at not one but TWO crops - both with fun, prizes, games and challenges - oh and inspiration!!!

1. Scrapbook Dreamer's first monthly crop is on Nov 14-17

2. Scrapwords Thankful crop is on Nov 15 10am-10pm

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christmas Card Class

here is what you can learn to make:

Some Sass Lass Pages



I wish I could say something inspiring about what a historical day this is and all that, but to be honest, I am just too tired. I am bummed that I didnt stay up to see the speeches last night, and I am bummed for all the people who hoped for McCain and are scared about the outcome. I realize that someone had to win and I am happy with the person who did. If McCain had won, I would be one of the scared ones, but I am still sad for the other side.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I voted! Did you?

I stood in line for an hour this morning to cast my vote.

It is just amazing! This is truly a historic time for our country. I know there are not enough hours in the day believe me, but get out there and find the time to vote! do it for yourself, for our country and for our children.

And now, in case you havent noticed the little blinkie I have on my blog, I am going to go out of character and share my political viewpoint :

short and sweet. now, while I hope you agree with me, that our country needs some change desparately, either way, get out there and exercise your right and duty to vote!

Monday, November 3, 2008

7 Gypsies Cigar Box tutorial

Check out this cigar box that I made with my Design Team supplies at Scrapbook Dreamer



and I posted a whole tutorial on the Scrapbook Dreamer message board. You can get all the supplies at scrapbook dreamer too!