Friday, January 25, 2008

My new column is up!

My new column is up at Scrapwords! It is in the forum section. I have my own forum! The title is Meg's Tips and Techniques. And I just got the first article up titled: Ten Techniques with Transparencies.

Stay tuned because this is going to be a weekly column! Yep, every single week I will have a new tip or technique for you. Of course, they won't always be as HUGE as the TEN for today, or else I would run out of things to say. But they will be useful, I promise!


Suzanne said...

Congrats Megan! I'm off to check it out! :-)

Shannon (Swell) said...

woo hoo! how awesome. the column is great, you're so clever! and the home-made rub-on may be my fave new technique.