Tuesday, January 1, 2008

365 days challenge - day 1

here is my photo for today for the 365 days of photos challenge. the idea was to take a self portrait every day for a year, but I am adapting it to be - take a Book Of Me type photo every day for a year, because really, who needs 365 pics of me? so here is today's my ode of goodbye to chocolate (well not totally goodbye, but going on my diet, not eating a ton of chocolate, goodbye)


Swell said...

i would love to take that chocolate off your hands. wait, no! im not allowed.

um, scrapperie? where are you??? yeah im going thru serious withdrawl. i keep going back and checking to see if it works.

yes we must hang out, kit-time would be a good time!

oh and i have some scrappy gossip for you!

ellen said...

goodbye to chocolate? oh man that stinks...i have one more month that i can eat it heehee! then i will feel for you too!

i saw you over at scrapperie, i haven't been there in awhile but just jumped back on...did you register at Serendipity scrapbooks? i noticed the username, i am "sillygirl" over there. it is a good place to hang, love it

michele said...