Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Disney World anyone ?

I am in another 'funk'. Seems I say that every other day. I am starting to get a little worried - but that is a discussion for another time and another place. Anyway, so we are thinking about going to Disney World! I love Disney, and I think Ellie will love it too, so I am pretty excited. We are still in the early early planning stages so it isnt anywhere near final, but that is what is on my mind today.

Then there are Ellie's nightmares. She has been having nightmares and I am starting to wonder if they are due to her watching - how's this for irony - Disney movies. LOL! Now, we arent planning to go to Disney until August or September so I am not worried that she will be scared then. But think about it, some Disney movies (or most really) have some pretty scary parts. How about when Simba's dad gets trampled in the lion king? how about when the rat attacks in Lady and the Tramp, and the Tramp gets taken away by the dog catcher? I mean - to us these things arent scary but to a little kid they could be right? So should we have her stop watching them? OR is this something she will work through?

Oh, and final thought for the day is the announcement of the Prima design team. I applied. I had no delusions that I was going to win, I am just not there yet. So as I am reading the list, I am, of course, a little jealous. And I am thinking, thats ok, it is just not my time yet. I will get there. But then I think, do I even want to be there? I mean, I want to KNOW that I am good, but I am not sure I want that kind of responsibility. Oh, I don't know. One step at a time I guess. I am happy with where I am right now. I also found it interesting though that I "know" about 4 of the 12 girls listed there. Ok, maybe not KNOW, but I have 'seen them around'. Weird. I never thought I cared about that stuff (fame) and now all of the sudden I am like - wow, I know her!

And finally some pages.
Here is a page that I worked on with a lot of white space. I am not usually into white space (let alone when it is actually WHITE) but I kinda like the simplicity here and the bright yellows. It makes me happy.

and here is one that I did of Ellie.


Suzanne said...

Super cute layouts Megan! :-) Disney World will be fun, but your dd may still be a little young to fully appreciate it. But go for YOU! :-)

scrappermimi said...

Love your LO's! Sorry about Prima, maybe next time!Good for you for trying though, sometimes that is the hard part.

I know what you mean about the whole disney thing, they can be scary. We took the kids to Disney World last year though and had a blast.

ellen said...

good for you for going for prima! you won't get it if you don't try, right?!?!?!

love the 'play' letters! and the tatoo lo is gorgeous!!!

oh and i love the lo below of your pooch! so cute

Gina said...

I'm right with ya on Disney. My 3yr old can't/doesn't even watch Little Einstein because some shows freak her out. I swear she'll be 8 before she sees a real movie.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white-space layout. Keeps so much focus on the playtime pics.