Monday, June 18, 2007

summer cold!

So, I came down with a cold last night. This ALWAYS happens to me when I start a new diet. I dont know why. My husband thinks it is all in my head, but well it is all in my head - the cold that is! It makes it really difficult to stick with the plan. This week is going to be even worse than the times in the past that have led to my diet failure. This weekend I am having a birthday party for DH. So I have to work 44 hours this week (it is my week to NOT have friday off) and get ready for the party, and even though I only work 9 hours a day, I drive an hour and a half every day, so with lunch that is up to 11, and now I am sick! UGH!
Oh, and did I mention that Ellie is sick too?! Yep, she got a runny nose on Friday and DH was saying - oh it is just allergies. With him EVERYTHING is allergies. I keep telling him (for years now) that I dont have seasonal allergies, but he wont believe me. Every time I get a cold he says it is allergies. Whatever, I have gotten over worrying about it. I guess it doesnt really matter. A runny nose, sneezing, coughing, sore throat etc, is a pain whether it is allergies or not. (If a fever comes along then he will admit that it is not allergies. )
Oh and, I couldnt sleep last night even though I took Nyquil. That is really strange for me, because usually I sleep like a log as soon as my head hits the pillow, and with Nyquil, I am usually out for like 10 hours! So, I figured if I couldnt sleep, I may as well get up and go to work. I almost went to work at 4:30, but managed to stay in bed until 5. Then of course, I almost fell asleep in the car on the expressway! And the whole time I am thinking, "ok when I get to work I will take a little nap" then I get to work and I can't fall asleep. Weird! My head is just stuffy enough, and my eyes are just sore enough that I feel like I need to sleep but I can't. UGH!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thursday that is really Friday

Boy, you have to love it! I get every other Friday off, and it kind of stinks working 9 hour days to get that day off, but it really rocks when I have a 3 day weekend! It is like someone gave me a gift! I always try to do something special with it. This Friday I am taking Ellie to the zoo, along with Nana and Grace! I just know the girls are going to have a great time - Nana too! I hope the elephants are still there. They are moving the elephants out because the habitat isn't good for them. I am all for that, I think the animals should be somewhere that they can be comfortable. But I want Eliana to see them one more time. She loves elephants lately! If they are there, I will have to make sure to get a pic of her with them (or three - LOL!).

So, today feels like Friday, and I am in such a good mood! I worked from home yesterday and I just feel so much more rejuvenated today. It really is amazing! I don't think I would want to work at home every day even if I could. But after sitting in traffic for 2 hours on my way home on Tuesday night, it was a really nice change of pace to be able to 'sleep in' - til 6am - lol! and then sit around in my pajamas getting my work done in total peace and quiet. I really got a ton of work done! And like I said, I feel so great today! The drive didn't frustrate me like I think it would have yesterday.

Oh, and I worked out again this morning. That makes two days this week. Ok, not fantastic since my goal is every day, but not too shabby. I sort of hurt my leg while I was working out on Tuesday, so that is why I didn't do it on Wednesday - needed time to heal.

Oh and scrapbooking! Last night after I finished work I put a meatloaf in the oven - it also felt really good to make a homecooked meal. Then I scrapbooked. I finished the LO about my desire to lose weight - well finished except the bling crown that I don't have yet. I think it looks pretty good - exactly what I had in mind, but I dont know if it is too busy. Seth thinks it is. So I might change it a little tonight. It felt really good to do something totally different and artistic. The page is full of doodling, and writing. It looks sort of 'urban' like graffiti. Seth said it has a 'stream of consciousness feel'.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Here we go again

This would be my third attempt at a blog. I think blogs, in general, are an interesting trend. They really generate a lot of nothing. Everyone seems to want to put information about their life out there for the world to see, and they seem to think that other people really want to read it. I don't know about that. Anyway, I thought I would give it a shot. Maybe I will come around and see the beauty in all of this. The only way to find out is to try right? So I titled this blog, thoughts of traveling because I really do think about that all the time. I just love traveling. Right now it is pretty much all dreams. But someday it will be reality once again. In the mean time, I dont really plan on writing a whole lot about it. Which is why the actual title of this blog is more simply, thoughts a dreams.

Right now my life is pretty much consumed with work, family, and scrapbooking. I have been scrapbooking for about 3 years now, but just in the last couple months would I say I have become addicted. It is all I think about and all I do in my free time these days.

Originally, my goal was simply to get my pictures and story down in a format that is pleasing to the eye. Now I have become more interested in making my pages into works of art, and entering them in contests. My goal is to be published. I dont want to try to make a career out of this or anything, but it would be nice to get the validation of being published or at least winning a small contest or two. I still don't want to lost sight of the original goal though, and that is to record life in a way that my daughter and her children can happily look back on it.

Ok, I guess that is it for the introduction.