Thursday, January 10, 2008

The News is so Depressing

yeah, that makes you want to read what I have to say doesnt it? I make it a point to check in with pretty much every day and just see 'what's up' and for the past couple days the news has just been unusually depressing. Yeah, the news is never uplifting but lately it has been down right terrible. Maybe it is just me though. Maybe I am still in a mild depression and everything is bothering me. Maybe. But come on - a baby starving to death next to his mother's dead body, an 8 month pregnant Marine going missing because she was charging a superior with assault, 4 kids thrown off a bridge, 4 kids found dead in an apartment with their mom still alive, a serial killer who decapitates and on and on. it doesnt get much worse than that does it? this is the stuff that gives me nightmares. And where do these people come from? What makes someone snap and do that kind of thing? How do you alienate yourself so much that no one notices you are gone until your child has starved to death? What is going on with our society?

Ok, changing the subject completely - because really what do you say after that? Where do you go from there? You move on, right? Either you do something, or you move on. And what can you do? So, I am going to move on. Today is my last day of work before the weekend. Another week down, a million more to go. Yeah, I sound depressed don't I? Maybe I am in need of another dose of Scrapperie. Everytime I go there I start smiling and having fun, being sarcastic and silly. I think I am going to do that. But to snap YOU out of the misery I just displayed for you, here is a breath of fresh air:


seriously, how fun is this page? it didnt take me long, it isnt complicated, but I just love it! Some black, some white, some bright colors and some whitespace and a cute face - what is not to love?!

oh and on another entirely unrelated note, I did NOT win either one of the bad girls kit club challenges that I entered.


Suzanne said...

Thats why I don't watch the news. :-/ I love your layout! Super cute, both the layout and the pics! :-)

Darlene said...

yeah the world we live in is terrible. But what can ya do, ya know?

loved that LO and still do. soo freakin cute!

Rachael said...

I try not to watch! It's sad these days, huh?

ON a good note, your layout is smokin'!!!