Friday, January 18, 2008

I just realized

that it is a pretty good day! This morning I was in a bit of a bad mood because I had to get up early and go to work on a Friday. I havent been to work on a Friday since before Christmas. But I was just thinking - it isnt that bad after all. It IS Friday - TGIF. AND it is only an 8 hour day for me at work, which is only one hour less than the usual 9, but you would be amazed at how much longer that one hour makes the day feel. Plus, I am wearing my super warm, fuzzy comfy white fleece thing from Old Navy. You can't really call it fleece because it has a thick pile, but suffice it to say that everyone at work keeps telling me how warm and cozy I look. Oh AND to make things EVEN better - Ellie went pee on the potty last night, with little to no prompting. She was diaperless, and sitting on my lap. (yeah, I know taking quite a risk there). She got up and started to walk around and I asked if she had to go potty. She said no. Then Seth got up and talked to her, and she said she wanted him to put on a diaper. So he reminded her that if she went pee on the potty she would get a chocolate. That sealed the deal, she went straight upstairs, sat down and went pee! I know this doesnt mean she is trained but it seems like a good step. We all clapped and cheered, and she seemed rather pleased with herself. She didnt want a diaper on when she got in bed, but Seth explained to her that she had to wear a diaper at night for now. So I guess we will see how today goes.

so tomorrow I am going to to try out making my own gourmet frozen dinners. should be interesting. they have all the stuff chopped and ready. Then I have a couple of scrap pages that I HAVE to do, because they are 'due' on Sunday and Monday. Can you believe that? I have assignments! I guess I could find that stifling, but I actually find it kind of exciting!

Edited to Add: Seth just called to tell me that Ellie went upstairs sat on the potty and went pee, ALL BY HERSELF!!! how exciting! (I am sure all of you reading this are just over the moon - lol)

A congratulations card:


Shannon (Swell) said...

woo hoo go ellie! peeing on the potty rules!

love that card. i tried doing the rub-ons like you showed me and it was awesome! i definitely need more of those tranparencies!

Taylor VanBruggen said...

What a cute card! And congrats on the potty training milestones! ;)

Nancyroo said...

yay, ellie! I am potty training also...I have to bribe mine with toys and yesterday he earned a toy and then informed me that he did not need to sit on the potty the rest of the day as he got a toy already, LOL.

Colleen said...

Sorry you had to work, but exciting stage for Ellie@ Love the colours in the card!