Friday, January 4, 2008

the scrapbooker's number one rule...

always have a back up battery for your camera!

I am guilty today of breaking that rule, and now I will pay for it by not having a photo to share with you all. the good news is that this 'event' has somehow snapped me out of the blues and I am in a much better mood now. the bad news is that I feel a little guilty about being happy because the story involves misfortune.

so we came home from the grocery store (where I hoped to get into a better mood, but ended up getting in a worse one) and I noticed a river of water running down the street (luckily it is mostly in the gutter) and I thought, boy that is a lot of water to be coming from washing your car. (which of course would be a really crazy thing to do in these temperatures anyway, but i didnt get to that part) Then we got to our driveway and I noticed that the source of the water is a fountain coming from between the sidewalk and the driveway of our neighbors across the street. they, of course, were not home. And my elderly neighbor, who had by chance pulled into our shared driveway just before us, had not even noticed the water. So i called the township and then the water company. And we ate our lunch while watching the water company men arrive, spray paint the road and leave again. The water pressure from the sidewalk seems to have diminished, but it is still flowing freely. we can't wait to see what happens next!

I guess I am just excited because it is something you dont see every day. Of course, we are worried about whether our neighbors are going to have to pay to get the whole mess fixed up. (which then makes us wonder if maybe we SHOULD take the water company up on their offer of insurance on the lines to our house) But it provided some welcome distraction from my depression and now I think I am ready to scrap again. although, if they start ripping up the street I may need to go watch for a while - lol! I guess it is kind of like a train wreck - not a good thing, but exciting and interesting all the same.


Christina said...

lol, Megan! I know what ya mean. If there is anything 'different' going on outside, I have to check it out, but I think that is the nosey side of me! :)

Swell said...

omg, im the same way too! i am totally the old nosey lady who peeks out her window at the slightest noise. i also do not care for loud teenagers on my street, people walking their dog near my lawn and other things that make me a crotchety old man :)

but im glad you are feeling better!