Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm a proud mama!

This time I just got a phone call and Seth said, Ellie wants to talk to you. And Ellie got on the phone and said, "I have chocolate in my mouth" - lol! I am like shaking and I hear DH coaching her to tell me what she did, and she said, "I went poop on the potty, and I have chocolate in my mouth" LOL!

I am so excited! I must say that I am a little bummed that I am missing it. But I am just so happy, it really seems like she is ready this time!


Lindsay said...

WOWZA!! Ellie deserves a 'boo-ya'!! That's so awesome!!! We're still working on it in this house. I have a stubborn one. She's all into sitting on the potty, just not quite ready yet....soon I hope. I've about had it with 2 in diapers!!lol

Suzanne said...

YAY for Ellie! And for you! :-)

AnneMarie said...

that sounds like my house! lol! bribery will get you everywhere... lol