Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Changes at Scrapwords!

I am pretty excited about some new stuff that is going on at Scrapwords. The software that runs the forums and blogs was updated for improved functionality. But the big deal - to me - is that there are bullets on the homepage for the deal of the day and the challenge of the day. You all probably know by now that I LOVE challenges! So I am pretty excited about having a new challenge every day! And of course, the deal of the day is pretty cool too. But I need to try to stay away from that because I have a budget to stick to - a budget that I have already gone over by $20 for the month of January. Yep, and January isnt even half over!! And every time there is a sale at Scrapwords I just HAVE to order something, because there is so much neat stuff there. And I keep telling myself - wait until the new stuff comes in. But then of course, there is always new stuff coming in, so I wait and order then hear that something else is coming in that I HAVE to have. It is a vicious cycle.

I am making a promise that I am not going to check the board at the Scrapbook Nook more than 3 times today! Yes, we are still waiting. Yes, Leah said that the announcement will be made on Saturday. and of course, Yes, I am holding out hope regardless that the announcement will be made sooner. But NO, NO checking today!

And finally, yet another page from this weekend. This page is so cute - it uses the Fancy Pants holiday papers from Scrapwords, and the matching rub-ons. Oh and a dude journaling card.



scrappermimi said...

Good Luck! Hope the news comes soon! Great new LO!

Swell said...

i love the colors of that LO! oh and i know the obsession with checking websites even when you know there is barely a chance of any news!

Suzanne said...

Megan, LOVE that layout! The paper is perfect for the photos. Hang tough girlie! No news is good news... ;-)

ScrapAloha said...

I love your LO!! I love your energy on the Nook MB. GReat Blog!!! Take care and see you see you at the Nook!

Colleen said...

What a fun layout and good luck! The waiting is the hardest part!