Monday, January 14, 2008

A Drive with no Book on CD - AHHH!

So Today I didnt have a book on CD to listen to, so I was forced to listen to the radio. Why is it that they don't play music in the morning? I listened to my favorite morning show (favorite being a relative term here since I would much rather be listening to music or a book) Preston and Steve. And they spent the entire time that I was in the car - about 40 minutes - talking about condiments. Yep, condiments - not condoms - condiments, the stuff you put on fries and burgers and hotdogs. They discussed the ever popular mayo vs. miracle whip debate, and whether you mix mayo with ketchup, and every other possible combination of popular condiments. I have to admit I was a little interested at first. But then I just started thinking - wow, these people make their living talking BS for hours at a time, and people LIKE IT! Heck, I listened to it, and I even laughed. And what did I gain from that 40 mins of listening - no education (unless you count realizing that some people really have an opinion on the Miracle whip vs Mayo debate) no real enlightenment, and not even much of a laugh. I spent most of the time thinkign about how crazy our world is that people can make money doing this, and that people listen. AND THEN I started comparing it to blogging. And the fact that you are reading this right now, me re-hashing a stupid conversation. And yet, I am not knocking it, I read your blogs too most likely, and heck, I am spending the time sitting here writing. I just wonder why? Do you know what I mean? Seems like so much time wasted, and yet, we love doing it! I don't have an answer, just the thought for the day.

Oh and what is my favorite drink. Colleen asked this today and since I can't fit it in with the thought of the day, I guess I just have to have TWO thoughts for the day - now THERE is a first! Two thoughts in one day for me. So anyway my favorite drink. That is an easy one: red wine. I love everything about red wine. I love the feeling of being pampered that I get just from holding the glass. I love the majesty and elegant beauty of the ruby red liquid swirling around the crystal. I love the complex taste on my toungue. I may not be an expert yet, but I can often taste blackberries and chocolate and sometimes various spices. I love rolling it around in my mouth and tasting those elements. I love the dry feeling that the tannins leave that makes my mouth pucker just a little bit. And I love the warm soft buzz that I get from it. It is a totally different buzz than with hard liquor or beer which just seems to addle my senses. Rather, wine makes me relax. Before that first sip even hits my stomach I can feel the muscles in my shoulders ease. And once that first buzz appears, it is soft and gentle, softly asking me to relax and enjoy the moment.

to me, beer says night out with the boys, vodka says getting smashed and partying, tequila says get smashed to obliterate painful thoughts, margaritas say relaxing on the beach, and wine says relaxing with the girls at a spa.

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