Friday, January 4, 2008

quick post

I am going to make this one quick because Ellie is pushing me to try to get me up off my stool. I stayed home from work today because I had a headache(which has gone away) and my neck is just killing me, and I am depressed. I have had depression for ages, but got it mostly under control now, but every now and then it comes back. It isnt too bad today, just enough to make me lazy and unhappy. So you wont be seeing me online much today.

Oh and the blog topic of the day at scrapperie is "review something" now I was thinking about reviewing something that might mean something to everyone, like my new favorite book - shantaram - but I think the restaurant we went to last night is more timely. we went out to eat last night with my in-laws at this Italian restaurant - Valentino's. It was really tasty. The decor and location leaves a little to be desired, but it was really good. And it is a BYOB so they give you one complimentary glass of wine, and the wine was GOOD. I was in shock really, I expected something terrible. so anyway, it was good and there are coupons in the paper a lot so I think we will be going back.

Well I guess that is it for today.


Darlene said...

here's to feeling happy. I've been in a funk since Christmas...really wish i could shake it.

now, go work on something creative and feel better! ;)

Colleen said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling great today, but good for you for recognizing that. Try and do something that'll make you feel better - whatever that is!

The restaurant sounds great!
Take care! {{hugs}}

Suzanne said...

Sorry you're blue, Megan. Sometimes spending time with scrappy friends is just the thing to lift spirits! :-)

Janet said...

I hope you feel better today! The restaurant sounds wonderful! I wish we could find something like that. Feel better soon!