Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ellie's first haircut

Here are some of the pics from Eliana's first haircut. we took her to one of those 'cuts for kids' kind of places because I was worried that she would be difficult. She was an angel though! She sat there and watched elmo the whole time, and barely noticed that she was getting her hair cut. Next time I think we will take our portable dvd player and go to someplace cheaper. This place was $20 for just the tiniest trim on Ellie. (To be honest, I am not sure she even needed it but Seth and his mom seemed to think she did) It does look better since the trim. She doesnt have a ton of hair but it was all cooked.




and on a side note. here is a pic that I took of myself while we were waiting for the sushi place next door to the hair place to open.


I dyed my hair medium auburn yesterday. I think this color totally works for me, and this picture turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself. So I was playing with it in photoshop, seeing if I could make it look better yet. I brightened it up a little first, then I thought - hmm it would be great if I could airbrush my skin. So I looked up a free tutorial on how to do it and sat there for like an hour making layers and following countless steps, then Seth walks in just after I finished and he says - it looks like a painting! - lol! I was bummed because I was trying to make my skin look naturally flawless and it ended up looking like brush strokes. But it was kinda funny because he thought he was being nice saying that I was so pretty I could be a famous painting. Interesting how the point of view changes. I am thrilled that he was giving me a compliment, but he was unknowingly giving my photoshop skills an insult. Which I am not insulted because my photoshop skills are pretty much nonexistent. anyway, here is the pic - brightened up in photoshop but not airbrushed.


Suzanne said...

For what its worth, you skin doesn't NEED to be airbrushed. Its a great photo of you (love the lip color!) and sweet pics of your dd. I agree, go the cheap route next time. ;-)

Swell said...

i love the look on her face during the haircut! so cute!
that haircolor looks great on you too!