Wednesday, July 2, 2008

next round

ok well, the results were posted. Teresa's comments on my project were not stellar. She said, "very creative". LOL! but whatever, I made it to the next round. Here is my project: The challenge - in case you forgot, tsk tsk, was to alter four coasters and use polka dots.


In other news, the new challenge is to do a layout about something unhappy in your life. hmmm. I am thinking on that one.

I had a rough morning this morning. I ran, poorly, went back to sleep, got to work late late late. But it seems to be looking up now.

Big things brewing at Scrapwords!! I will post more about it later, but you have to check it out!
This month's theme is Finding and Embracing your style.


AngelBear said...

Those coasters are awesome! they are VERY creative (lol)

jonaks said...

it is indeed very creative. loved it.

teresamatz said...

I think they are pretty! congrats on making it to the next round