Monday, July 7, 2008

Cowgirl hat and weekend

This weekend was really good AND really bad. The diet thing - really bad. OK, maybe I am being too hard on myself, not REALLY bad just not good. Friday, we almost missed the civic association event at the park. DH and DD were out back eating breakfast and they heard the loud speaker so they went to investigate. DH called to tell me that DD was running a race but by the time I got there with my camera I had JUST missed it :(DD even ran straight! (one kid went the wrong way)
DD got a red white and blue butterfly painted on her cheek (she wanted it on her nose - lol) and danced to high school musical with some kids and jumped in the bounce house. Then we went home. I scrapped a little, while they went to the in-laws to hang out, make cookies and DH had to help with something. Then we all had dinner there, lit sparklers and then went to the fireworks. DD had been all excited about them, but she wouldnt take a nap, so she was really tired. After the first one, she covered her eyes and said she wanted to leave. So we started walking away and she kept repeating 'I want to leave' over and over. Part of me felt like a bad mother for having my 2.5 year old at the fireworks. but I really did think she would like it. I still think she might have if we were not quite SO close and she wasnt quite SO tired.
Sat we cleaned (oh we cleaned Friday too - A LOT) then we had some people over for dinner and played Wii - that was FUN!
Sunday we slept in and missed going to the zoo for free stuffed animal day. so we relaxed before going to a family birthday party. overall a good weekend except that I didnt get much scrapping done and I didnt workout much.
Here is one scrappy thing that I DID do. The pink cowboy hat that Ellie requested. It was kinda tough, to glue the flat paper onto a contoured surface, so there are a few wrinkles and the dark spots on the pink paper are my modge podge finger prints. I think I need to buy more modge podge and put a top coat on to cover them up. But overall I think it turned out rather cute! (and thank you thank you thank you Janet! Ellie is totally in love! )
I have a pic of her wearing the hat that I have to post, it is soooooooo adorable! but I forgot all my photos on my home computer. Sandy had to send this one to me (thank you!) because I had sent it to her and I just NEEDED to post something today! LOL!


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Janet said...

Meg...the hat is absolutely adorable!!! Your welcome!