Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eliminated - Project Scrapaway

Well, much as I predicted, I was eliminated this week from project scrapaway. I had a really great time with this contest - so many fun challenges and stiff competition that really made me think outside the box. I must say though that when I read that I was eliminated this morning, the main thing I felt was relief! I didnt want to drop out, or produce something really crappy to ensure elimination, but I also just dont have the time to be working on these challenges each week - especially for the next couple weeks. So, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Yes, I guess I am a little bummed because I thought my entry was pretty good, and possibly a little better than some of the others. But all in all - the entries were fabulous and I have to say that I lost fair and square. The person who won this round totally deserved it, and I pretty much deserved to be eliminated this time. It makes me happy when things seem fair!

So, back to the things that are really on my mind this week - Chatterbox, CHA, leaving my family for four days and work. I have to get some things done at work today, but I am having a terrible time staying on track! I just keep thinking about CHA - meeting my friends, going to the convention, and leaving Ellie for 4 days! I have never been away from her for that long and I worry that I am goign to miss her terribly. Then Chatterbox. I still dont know when the box with the supplies for the final round is going to arrive, but I have been reading the reveals on the blog and I just have to say - WOW!! I hope I get some of that new 'Together' stuff to play with! amazing! I was going to stop by the Chatterbox booth at CHA to introduce myself, but now I think I am going to drag Les over there and MAKE her look at the awesome product that is coming out! I am really really impressed and even if I dont make the DT, I see Chatterbox becoming my new favorite company. (and no, I am not saying that to kiss up - I figure no one from Chatterbox reads my blog anyway)

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Shannon said...

you did some great stuff for the contest, sorry you got eliminated but i know the sense of relief. i can't believe you're going to cha, that's crazy. im gonna need ALL the details!