Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random update

1. Wanna hear something weird? I can't get to three of my favorite sites today. I dont know what the problem is. So, if you are reading this from one of those sites where I am conspicuously absent, you know why. I didnt forget about you and I will be back - whether you like it or not!

2. BFL - I had an ok run today. Got on the scale and am down 2 more lbs!! Woohoo! that makes me feel better. I was getting a little frustrated. This is week 5 and as of right now I am down 9lbs. So that makes almost 2lbs a week - perfect! I am really really hungry today and yesterday though, but I am holding out, not eating too much

3. The latest round of project scrapaway is over and the results are posted and I made the next round. I dont have a pic of my page to share right now, but you can find it here. (if you can get there, since that is one of the places I can't get to)

4. I am busy getting ready for CHA and the crop at Scrapwords this weekend. So far for CHA I made some business cards and am working on a sample of my work. I dont plan on really TRYING to show people, but I thought it would be good to have just in case. I made some dinner reservations for us, and printed out maps and vendor lists and marked where I want to go. Next, I have to work on wardrobe, and packing. UGH wardrobe! I hate that! I would have liked to lose more weight first, but oh well. Oh and I need to dye my hair. Not just for CHA, but for me. I have been putting it off and putting it off and CHA seems like the best excuse to just do it. And then I have to make a blinkie for the Queen of the Crop at SW this weekend.

5. The final round of the Sassy Scrappers Ms. Sassy pageant was over today, we are waiting for results. This layout was my entry. The challenge was to scrap something about yourself, answering one of several questions. I answered the question - what is one thing you would change about yourself. I said my perfectionism because it stresses me out. I am sad that this photo didnt turn out well, the colors are a bit off, but we had terrible weather this weekend and I couldnt get a good pic. I really need to work on finding a way to take better pics of my stuff.
Welp, that is it I think.



scrapwordsmom said...

Hey, Meg!! That stinks about not being able to visit your sites...especially SW!! LOL! Hey, WTG on 9 pounds!! You are rockin' girl!!

Oh, man you have way more done than me when it comes to CHA. I gotta get the vendor map and check off where I want to go, etc. You are so organized. I hope it rubs off on me in Chicago!!

Have a great day!

AngelBear said...

WOW you are one busy woman! The layout about your migraines is are very artistic and talented!

Marcie said...

Love the layout & you are definitely one busy girl!

Janet said...

Wow...I guess I should pay attention to the Sassy pagent...I love the layout!!! Good luck with CHA and you have been tagged

Zoa said...

congrats on your page for "project scrap away!" I get migraines too- so I sympathize with you!!! Have a blast at CHA! I can't wait to hear all about it! Happy Weekend!!