Monday, July 21, 2008

CHA day One

Ok, so, Thursday started my long and hectic weekend off with a bang. Ellie woke up that morning with a runny nose, and I thought - oh no! (yep, I got sick) But first we went to Ellie's camp for visiting day. Ellie was one of the youngest in her camp class, and she didnt do a very good job of following directions during the sports time, but she did do a great job of playing with the other kids and more or less ignoring us! I was thrilled that she didnt want to hang on me the whole time. she really seemed to have a good time playing with the other kids. Then they went swimming and she was the best one in the water! she is a total fish! Then Seth and I had to leave for the airport and Phyllis and SaBabba showed up to hang with ellie for the rest of visiting day.

I was way way way more upset about leaving Ellie for three days than I thought I would be, and I was nervous about meeting Leslie and Missy and just the whole CHA thing, and I was totally excited, so I was pretty much sick with nervousness. I had two hours to kill at the airport so I chilled out in a bar and had some sushi and two glasses of wine. They were EACH $9 but I didnt care becasue I needed some help relaxing. I just kept wanting to cry for leaving Ellie.

Once I was on the plane I was fine though. It was like I had flipped a switch and there was no turning back. So then I was just excited. I got to Chicago about an hour ahead of Leslie and made my way to her baggage claim - which was in a different terminal than where I landed. I hadnt checked a bag though, so I was ok. I waited and waited and it felt like forever! Finally when her flight was on the baggage claim thing, I moved to where I could see people heading over and I kept looking at all the women and wondering if I would recognize her. I would see a woman and say, nope too fat, too thin, hair is too dark, hair is too short, hair is too long, oooh - maybe that is her-nope she is with someone. But when I saw her, I didnt have to think about it I just knew it was her. It was really weird.

So we made our way to the hotel, chattering the whole way - I think there was not a moment of silence the whole trip. Yes, a big part of that was my fault - lol! We unpacked in the hotel, freshened up a bit and then went to meet Marcie (from 2 scrappy chix) for dinner at Giardonos pizza. Apparently Marcie and I both do not look as much like our pic because we didnt recognize each other at first. But once we did, it was all good. We had dinner and it was yummy! I am STILL craving more of that pizza. and we talked and talked. and talked.

oh and here is a pic of us at the pizza place:

Then we went back to the room and I crashed. I dont know what Les did then, but I was out like a light!


Shannon said...

i've been anxiously awaiting stories! i cant wait for more... and now i want pizza, so thanks!

scrapwordsmom said...

We had soooo much fun!!