Thursday, July 3, 2008

two e-zine pubs!

Yesterday I got two emails to tell me that Scrapbook News and Review online magazine wants to publish two of my submissions (one page and one mini album).

And the topic to blog about today at scrapbook dreamer is patriotism. I issued this challenge because I can't really put my thoughts on this subject into words. When I see an american flag or a soldier, I feel the warm fuzzy pride inside, but I couldnt really explain to you just why. The 4th of July (and memorial day and labor day for that matter) arent really my favorite holidays. I am not a big fireworks person. BBQs are nice. I guess my favorite part of these holidays is seeing the American flags come out. There is just something heartwarming about seeing those flags and remembering that we are all part of something.

ok, enough sappy-ness. Here is a page:
This page is a lift that I did of Gloria at Scrapbook Dreamer. I just kept looking at her page: party time, and loved how it looked like a stem of flowers. So I decided to copy it and make a page about my flowers!



AngelBear said...

Congrats on teh pubs! and I {heart} that layout!

Mama Tuttle said...

Congrats on the pubs . . .that's sooo great! I love your layout using your flowers, too!! I saw it at Scrapperie and I thought it was fabulous!!

teresamatz said...

congrats on the pubs!

Janet said...

Congrats Meg!!! That is awesome news. I really love your garden layout! Very nice!