Tuesday, March 4, 2008

YITL cards and Balance

Here are my last three YITL cards FINALLY.

Balance - what is balance? to me, balance is finding a situation where I can get all my work done, spend time with my family and friends and still have time for me. Not an easy feat sometimes, but I seem to be making it work lately. I have learned the hard way that I really need 'me' time to scrap. It is my down time and if I dont get it at least once a week, I get stressed even more than normal. Sometimes I feel guilty for taking that time for myself when I already dont have a lot of time with Ellie, but I am getting to the point where I realize that my time with her should be quality over quantity - maybe I could have more time with her if I didnt work out or scrapbook, but I would be miserable and irritable and that is no fun!


Suzanne said...

Wow, Megan, great job catching up and on the cards. Your "friend" card is beautiful! :-)

scrapwordsmom said...

Balance is my word for the year. I am striving to have it. Somedays I just don't then others I am a pro!! I think it's just something we'll always strive for and hopefully enjoy more than once or twice a week.