Monday, March 10, 2008


Here is a page that I made about Ellie and I having fun. I used a lot of Fancy Pants felt on this, and I was goign to enter it in the Fancy Pants felt challenge, but I couldnt get the colors to come out right on the photo. The green is much softer than it looks here. and the pictures are dark and high contrast, but not as dark as they look here. Anyway, these pictures are from when Ellie and I were playing in her 'tent' and there is (or will be) some hidden journaling under the main photo, about how we were playing and she kept bumping her head on that table and yelling for me to kiss it, then bumping it again, repeat, repeat. That is what I am laughing at in the pictures. She wasnt bumping it hard enough to hurt or obviously I wouldnt have been laughing, but it was just so funny that she kept doing it (I dont think she was doing it on purpose - at least not at first) Photobucket

the felt is fancy pants from scrapwords, the vellum flower is from Cat at, I dont know what the paper is, the chipboard letters are scenic route, and the brads are autumn leaves.

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Colleen said...

This is so cute and what a fun memory this'll be to look back on in a few years!