Sunday, March 9, 2008

My altered wipe off board

At scrapwords, Grace issued a challenge last week to create something that is just for you. I didnt have anything planned for it, but this just came in my head from out of no where. ok, maybe not from no where. I was looking at a Shape magazine and thinking about my failing quest to lose weight. As I planned another tactic, I was thinking about how to keep track of my progress and I remembered this acrylic sheet that came with a kit and I had no idea what to do with it. I decided to make a wipe off board to keep track of my progress towards my healthy living goals each week. I wanted something that I can keep in my kitchen and have it be beautiful and blend in with the decor. and I wanted it to be beautiful so that every time I write on it, I think about how gorgeous it is. the pictures (and I tried three different times) do not do it justice!


The papers in the calories column are a gorgeous peach color. the swirl and fleur d lis are chipboard, painted black and sprayed with hi gloss cover coat. They are there to cover up the glue on the back of the acrylic that keeps the paper on. I used just a little bit of repositionable glue, so that I can change it to have different colors or a different configuration if I need to.

I also used some making memories arcylic shapes, a sparkly creative imaginations brad and some bling. Oh and I made a pen holder too!

all it is really is some of the paper scraps wrapped around the pen cap with a ribbon underneath glued on. But it works! It was necessary because we dont keep pens around our house except in certain very inacessible locations - since i have some scribbles on my couch to prove the folly of that.

Anyway, here it is hanging on my kitchen wall. My kitchen is red and black and yellow with a sort of french theme, so it kind of coordinates

I am just so proud of this! this is my favorite thing I have EVER made! I thought about submitting it, but I didnt know where I would send it and I wanted to share it so much with you all, and I couldnt get a great pic of it.

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