Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A little update on me

I figured that I should give you gals a little update on me because I have been sooooo busy!

So, hmm where to start. Friday night I got some scrapping time and relaxation time. Saturday morning I took my mother-in-law and Ellie to see a children's theater production of Cinderella. It was TERRIBLE! I wasn't expecting broadway but I was at least expecting a high school level. Like my mother-in-law said - her 5th graders could have done better. AND the worst part was that it was sorely mis-cast. The best actress was one of the step sisters and Cinderella was the worst - she was quite, and bland and couldnt sing! Ellie was bored half way through and said, "Im all done!" LOL! But we were parked in so we couldnt leave. oh and I paid $28 for this!!!

Then Sunday we had breakfast with my parents and my neice, then the kids played. Then we had dinner with my in-laws and seth't grandparents, and we were supposed to meet some relatives who were in from Israel but their plane was delayed.

Oh and seth dropped his car off for some maintenence on Saturday, and on Sunday he found out that they did something wrong and messed up the engine and will need to keep it for several more days and give him a rental car (they gave him a mini van which is really funny because seth is really anti minivan) So on Monday we asked my dad (a mechanic) to go talk to the car guys and find out what is wrong. He did, and he said that they said it wasnt as bad as he had at first thought - BUT my dad said that if they didnt get it done by Tuesday that that must mean that they lied and really messed it up. Well guess what day today is? Wed and still no car - so now Seth is on his way to see what is up.

And last night we went to a Kosher Chinese restaurant with the Israeli cousins. It was better than I expected, but still stressful. Oh and speaking of stress - my supervisor just left for a two week vacation and left me in charge along with a pile of work on my desk!

And now for the grand finale! So this morning I am on my way to work, on the turnpike (3 lanes) going 75mph in the left lane with no shoulder when all of the sudden my car stalls! I am luckily fairly calm in a crisis, so first I registered the problem, tried to press the gas and nothing happened, checked the gear shift (yep still in Drive) then started moving into the middle, then right lane as my car slowed down REALLY FAST! I pulled off on the side and put my flashers on and turned it off and back on and it started! I was so happy that it started, but still freaked about what happened. Well then I remembered that my mom has the same car as me and she had this same problem and it was a recall, and it is really a ticking bomb until it stalls and doesnt start. so I had to take it to the dealer.

So now my car is at the dealer and seth is driving a rental, and CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!!

And now I have a ton of work to do so I have to go.

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