Monday, March 3, 2008

My husband the photographer

He says he isnt a good photographer, and who knows maybe the camera did all the work, I mean, I did spend a lot of money on that camera. But really, dont these look a lot like some of the pics that some of the 'well known' scrappers post on their blogs to boast about their photography skills?

this one would be perfect if that car wasnt there. I thought about cropping it after the mound of snow but before the car, but then you miss the rest of the story - being that ellie is looking at penny. awww, maybe I just love my 'kids' too much. but arent they cute?!

And notice here (I don't know what Ellie is doing) but notice in the background, on the sidewalk, there are a bunch of my scrapbook pages from this weekend. Isnt he the best?! He followed my instructions, took the pages outside on the sidewalk to get the best light, took some pics of them and emailed them to me!!

I dont often have time to take the pics myself because by the time I am home it is dark. PLUS whenever I have new stuff to share, I am just dying to do so. But am I going to share these new pages today? the ones that he so dutifully took the photos of? NO! because I am sharing the pics of my kids and how wonderful my husband is. you will have to wait until tomorrow for the pages.


Suzanne said...

They ARE awesome photos! Can't you photoshop the car out? Isn't that what photoshop is for??? LOL Tell him great job! :-)

Ana said...

Your hubby took some great shots!!!!

Lynn Anne said...

aww, too sweet. I think the l/o's on the sidewalk are funny - I just have this urge to pick them up before the baby steps all over them! Guess i'm projecting my kids onto yours?? :D