Thursday, February 7, 2008

Toy Rotation!

Colleen asked, "what is going on around your house these days?". It's funny because there are so many things that I *should* be doing around the house. We just finished our new kitchen floor and trim, and I still have to finish painting the patched wall. But I guess since we just finished that, we are taking a short break. And I don't clean because I have a cleaning service, and I dont really need to reorganize because I am pretty organized in the first place (well at least when I remember to put things back) So I guess the only thing going on is that tomorrow we need to do toy rotation. We keep a lot of Eliana's toys in the closet and then switch them out when she seems to be getting bored. So now is that time!

Oh and I should clean the office - aka giant closet. But yeah, that's it!

Here is a page that I made for the Scrapwords word of the week: Respect.



Colleen said...

Rotating the toys is good! I need to go through ours again and get rid of the ones that are too young and the ones no one plays with anymore.

Another great layout!

Allison said...

Sounds like you are one organized gal! Wanna send some of that my way??? LOL!
Love the new page Meg!!!

Suzanne said...

I remember toy rotation! LOL Love the layout! :-)

Lindsay said...

We're doing toy rotation Friday also! However i'm also doing toy donation and toy throw away! We're doing spring cleaning a little early this year!