Wednesday, February 27, 2008

the Library

So I got home from work last night around 7 and Seth had dinner ready. Then we realized that the movies had to go back to the library. We have been renting movies for Ellie from the library. I dont know why you have to pay for movies at the library - doesnt that kinda defeat the purpose? but still it is only $1.50 and on Tuesday you get two for one. So I took Ellie to the library to exchange her movies at almost 8pm. Can you believe that there was no parking! Granted, it is a small parking lot, but there were a ton of people hanging out at the library, going in and out, people of all ages, out at the library on a Tuesday night! I was pleasantly surprised! I mean, I was annoyed that I had to wait for a parking spot, but it made me feel good about my town that our library is that hopping! They have an anime club, various book groups, kids programs, all kinds of stuff. It just amazes me! Maybe this isnt unusual and I wouldnt know because I grew up in the country. But it just seems to me a reminder of a simpler time, and just one more thing that I love about the COMMUNITY that I live in. I put that in all caps becasue it really is a community and it just blows my mind that places like this still exist and we stumbled into one almost by accident!

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