Sunday, February 24, 2008

She said ...

FYI - if you read my scrapwords blog, this is a total copy paste job - sorry. I dont normally do that but oh I dont know why I did it this time

Well, this weekend was busy busy busy! I had Friday off, and we spent it playing outside in the snow. Then on Saturday I took Eliana to her morning gymnastics class, which DH usually takes her to. And that was pretty much a complete bust. she didnt want to do ANY of the activities. I couldnt even get her on the trampoline. She just wanted to either run around in big circles flapping her arms like a bird, or lay down on the ground when I tried to get her to do something. And I got to asking myself the question: if this class is for her then how much should I push her to participate? I dont know. But she did get in the bounce house, and a boy - a little bigger than her - pushed her down. Well my baby, got up and ran over to him and threw her arm around his neck and took him down! LOL! not that I would encourage her to assault another kid, but it was pretty funny. Of course in the process she bumped her nose and started crying. Then the teacher who was inside, but not watching, picked her up and said something like "did that mean boy hurt you?" LOL! meanwhile I was outside watching and laughing. (she is a drama queen and I knew she wasnt really hurt and it was just so funny how she took that kid down like who taught her THAT?!)

Anyway, then we went out to breakfast with Nana and Pop and that was fun, and we spent almost 2 hours killing time in Target and I only spent $40!! can you believe that? I gave 5 things to the cashier and told him to send them back. Then I scrapped because there were a couple of cyber crops going on, and then we went out to dinner with some friends while ellie spent the night with my in-laws. Today, I did NOTHING!! it was GREAT! I can't believe I have to go to work tomorrow!

Ok, now here is a page that I made last weekend, that I am really proud of. Pretty much everything on this page was from my Scarlet Lime kit, but the ribbon is Love Elsie from Scrapwords, and the border stickers and the I and the U are all CI Narratives from Scrapwords. Oh and the edge of the circle is Narratives too.

There is a TON of journaling on this page, under the photos when you move the photo turns aside, there is a minibook with about 4 pages of journaling. Long story short on that: I couldnt wait for Ellie to tell me she loved me, but I didnt want to coach her to say it. So lately she has been teasing me by saying that she loves ice cream, and she loves penny and she loves her doll house. Then last weekend in the bathroom at Chipotle - of all places - she insisted on giving me a hug and telling me she loved me before she would go potty! It totally melted my heart!

The photos are from a different day, a couple days before, but since I didnt have a pic from the Chipotle bathroom - I figured these fit pretty well.


Shannon (Swell) said...

$40 in target is unheard of. go spend more!

that LO is so adorable and the journaling makes it even better, i think i actually said "awwww" out loud. im a sap.

Suzanne said...

Love the layout Megan, it's super cute! The paste job is fine with me, I find Scrapwords a hard board to read. I try, but have a hard time keeping up with new posts.