Tuesday, February 19, 2008

guess what I am having tonight?

ice cream! Seth and Ellie went out to dinner right next door to Maggie Moo's - I LOVE that place. So I told Seth that I would eat my lean cuisine at work (gotta work really late tonight) and then he could bring me some maggie moos. (child sized) AND it will fit into my diet! woohoo!! (only 180 calories)

I know, I know, I should be making better choices on how to 'spend' my calories, but somehow I turned out really low on calories today so it is all good! (and I already worked out before work - part of why I am STILL at work)

Oh, and I have a new plan. I was gonna join weight watchers but just can't get into spending the money on it, so I decided to give it one more go on my own and if that doesnt work then I am going to do weight watchers. So the new plan is that each week I will set out my goals for the week and if I meet the goals then Seth has to go buy me the predetermined non food related treat. This week it is the EK Success Circle Scissor. I have been wanting an easy way to cut cirlce and thinking that is the way I want to go, but not wanting to spend the money on it, but it is on sale at ACMoore this week, so it fits into the 'under $20' goal for my first weekly treat! I figure, the cost of the treats is about what weight watchers would cost me and I get something that I want, and I have it to keep. So, so far I am on track - just 3 more days of this week! (going friday to friday) I CAN DO THIS!!! (and with ice cream too!)

Oh and here is a page that I made this past weekend for Scrapwords word of the week "Sassy" and for the ad challenge at a cherry on top.



Suzanne said...

Aww, look at the cutie! Nice layout too! Ice cream, huh? Sounds yummy! :-D

Colleen said...

What a great layout!!

Good luck on the plan you've got going and hope you got the circle cutter!!

Lynn Anne said...

Good luck with your goals! Sounds like you could REALLY make out scrapwise if you keep your eyes on the prize(s) :) Be well!