Friday, February 29, 2008

Michaels find, and March Madness!

So yesterday I found this ADORABLE little recipe boxes at Michaels on the dollar rack. The dollar one is the smaller one on the left, and the bigger one on the right is the Creative Imaginations one that I bought for $12 and altered. I am totally going to alter the smaller one, and I bought two of them but I might have to go back and get more. Love it! and for only a buck I think it is a steal. and no, I dont work for Micheals.

What else? Colleen asked about time. It is leap year. How weird is that? I mean, it really is just another day, but it is also a day that we CREATED from bits and pieces of OTHER days. Weird.

What else. Time - it is constant and continuous but somehow doesnt seem so. When I think about how much Ellie has grown over the past two years, it is just amazing and time just flies! but then when I try to think about life BEFORE her, it seems like a lifetime ago. when I spend time in my scrapbook room hours pass in the blink of an eye it seems, but when I sit in traffic on the highway at 7:30pm after a long long long day at work, time seems to creep slower even than my car.


Did you know that Memory Makers has a call out about time. I dont have a link, but I think I found it on pub Calls. They are looking for pages for the Sept/Oct issue with the theme - These are the Days, Days of our Lives, or Time Flies. due March 31.

Oh and Scrapperie is hosting ANOTHER month long party. Well, we, the Tres Chic Girls, really are hosting it. Anyway there are going to be a ton of RAKs and challenges. Each tres chic girl has chosen a day to give a RAK away, and if you have 10 posts or more on teh board that day your name will be entered into a drawing for the RAK. the catch? you don't know what days we have chosen!!! so you have to come over and chat and play with us every day if you want to maximize your chances of winning! Oh and the RAKs are going to be really cool! We have been chatting and planning them. These are not just crappy "this is stuff we don't really want" RAKs. These are planned, neat mini KITS!! I dont feel like putting a hyperlink in right now, so use the button on the left side that says Scrapperie and come over and check it out!! (thanks to Seth for helping me figure out how to make my blinkies into links and not just graphics) so seriously, click that button, make his work worthwhile!!

See you there!


ALLY said...

Those ARE cute little recipe boxes Meg! TFS!

scrapwordsmom said...

These boxes are awesome, Meg!