Monday, February 18, 2008

Round Two is Up for Voting!!

The second round of Scrapping with the Stars is up and open for voting at Coordinates Collections. There are two stars, and you may vote in each category. Wow, there is a LOT of stiff competition over there! everyone did a great job this time - even better than last time! I am really nervous!

What else? today we went to the Academy of Natural Sciences to see Dinosaur bones. We had a blast! Here is Ellie checking out the dinosaur bones.

Then I came home and did some scrapping! Boy was I inspired today! I can't wait to share the pages that I did today, but alas, I dont have any pics of them yet. But here is a journal that I altered yesterday for a friend, and I realized today as I went to upload the pic - that I left the 'N' out of the word journal - lol! I fixed it today, but here it is sans n just for your amusement.



Heather said...

I am always afraid of doing that!!! Everytime I put a title on my page a check it OVER AND OVER again to make sure that I didn't mess up! Glad you had a fun day today!

Darlene said...

that's such a nice joural!!! Sounds like you had a fun day!