Saturday, February 9, 2008

Relaxing Saturday (we hope)

Well, I am hoping for a relaxing Saturday. Friday wasnt bad, but hopefully today will be better because I have a long week coming up. So this morning was my morning to sleep in while Seth took Ellie to gymnastics. I slept until they left, then got up and worked out for almost an hour! I needed to make up for missing a day. Then I checked email, showered and waited for Seth and ellie to return with my coffee. Stopping at Starbucks on the way back from gym class has become a tradition and ellie gets really upset if she thinks you are going to skip it. I get a tall skinny double peppermint mocha! I told seth he can remember it by thinking about girls - tall skinny double - lol!

we are still waiting for my car to be finished. I took it in for regular maintenance yesterday and they said that it was due for inspection and needed new brakes. I kinda thought it needed new brakes so I wasnt surprised, but we forgot that in this state we have to get it inspected every year! So, in an hour or so we will go pick it up, then I hope to spend the rest of the day home relaxing, scrapping, watching TV and playing with Ellie. She is on a Diego kick - she just wants to watch it over and over again. We 'rent' them from the library for $1.50, and we got this one yesterday so it is new and she is totally obsessed. I know, I probably shouldnt let her watch so much TV but she gets plenty of other stimulation and she really learns stuff from the shows she watches so I dont even feel guilty about it anymore.

Ok, here are a couple things that I finished yesterday. I was altering this mailbox - for what purpose I have no idea but it sure looks cute huh? and I never finished it, so I decided to finish it for this challenge at serendipity, and make some ATC's to go in it. Which I also dont know what I am going to do with, but whatever, they were fun! And then finally, my YEar in the Life card for Suzannes challenge - the word was Love this week.

Oh and sorry that the pics are so bad, I took them in my scrap room last night so that I would have them to enter into teh challenge in time.





Shannon (Swell) said...

the mailbox looks awesome!! enjoy your saturday!

Suzanne said...

OMG! I LOVE your card! It's so beautiful!

Darlene said...

your mailbox and ATC's are great - good luck on the challenge. I love peppermint I want