Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hydrangea Hippo Cards from Island Cruise kit

 I told you I would be back with some cards that I created from the Island Cruise kit. Last time, I showed you three layouts that I made with this kit. In addition to those layouts, I made these three cards, and I still have enough product left that I could probably make 3 more layouts and 3 more cards! This kit is just so packed!

For this first card I used the sticker strips as a mask for the background. Head over to the Hydrangea Hippo blog for details on how I created this card.

For this card, I just couldn't resist using almost all of these awesome square buttons to make a BIG impact! I LOVE these buttons and I was hoarding them until I realized that I had only used one and I was running out of time! I think they make a great statement here. 

This is probably my favorite card of the bunch though. I LOVE these little punched coral pieces that came in the kit. I loved them and their color so much that I dug into my stash and pulled out a piece of matching ribbon (also from Hydrangea Hippo) to add to this card. I feel like that little pop of blue in the corner really makes this card stand out. And all the dimension doesnt hurt either!

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