Monday, December 31, 2007

Welcome to the world of Blogging

Ok, I am going to say this up front. I am a sorry excuse for a computer geek. I have just - in the past few months - started blogging and just today, I found Google Reader and started subscribing to feeds. I sort of knew what they were and I knew they would be helpful, but I never bothered to do it before. And I have like 40 blogs that I read, so it can be quite time consuming to check them all. wow, what a life changing experience this is going to be - lol! Doesnt that sound silly? Google Reader changed my life, but it is true. I mean google bookmarks changed my life too! LOL.

Anyway, I have been blogging it up over at scrapwords with all my scrapbook pages, so I am just going to copy and paste that code over here, in case you dont read there. But that is pretty much all that is going on new here. Christmas was great, my week off was relaxing and great, we started playing seth's new video games the night before last, and of course, we are addicted and I have been getting a ton less sleep, but that's ok. And I scrapped myself out. Last night Ellie slept over at her Bubby and Zayda's house, I havent heard the report on that yet. Tonight is new year's eve, we have nothing planned because the party that we were going to go to was cancelled. And yeah that is all.

here the pasted scrapbook pages starts:

when I went to post this, I realized that I had not added the title. so what do you think? should I add the title, and if so then where and in what color?

 I just love this photo so much, I had a bunch of other stuff on this page, but I thought it was too much, I wanted the photo to shine{readmore}, so I kept taking stuff away. the swirl is handcut and I used pop dots on it. 



 This first one is Ellie's formal Christmas/2yr portrait. This is the one where she was being so difficult that we only got one good pic. Lucky for me, it's a good one! I used my first Bad Girls kit for this.



 This one is just me being silly. My dad was 'babysitting' this gun and we were all talking about how big and bad it was, so I felt the urge to be silly and 'bad' with it. Disclaimer: These pictures look like I was acting with disregard to the fact that I am holding a gun, but that isnt the case. the gun wasnt loaded and took care not to point it at anyone. I know how to handle a gun and have the utmost respect for the potential danger.

I just thought it was funny to pretend to be one of those models at the gun shows, or like a charlie's angel or something.

Anyway, I am really happy with how this page turned out. Everything on here is October Afternoon from Scrapwords except the letters which are thickers and the cardstock. 


use the scraps of paper that you have leftover from making your Christmas LOs, to make some cards for next year! If you are like me, then you hate throwing away perfectly good scraps. so I was thinking, geez I am going to have these Christmas scraps laying around all year! So I made some cards. I{readmore}hate making cards and they arent the best, but hey, they are done a year ahead of time.



I have been a total scrapping fool the past few days. here are a few more pages.

 this one is for my mom's album. it is a little busy, I think, but I wanted to keep all the great photos.


 this is a random Europe page that I was just inspired to do. I have tons of Europe pages still to do but I dont want to.for some reason I just wanted to do this one. Still have to fill in the journaling though.



Ok, so I was working on my LO for the WOTW 'Fresh' last night, and I was really into bright colors AND I had this sketch that I have been meaning to try. So this is what I came up with:




But after it was finished I kinda hated it. LOL! It is just too bright with too much going on, so I did a little makeover on it. It still isnt my favorite page but I think it looks a lot better, what do you think? do you like version one or version 2?



Here are a couple more pages that I finished this past week. I can't believe how much I got done. And I even more, can't believe that I am back at work! Ahhhh!

This first one is Ellie trying on her dress up stuff that she got from Grams for Christmas. I just loved the frame, which {readmore}is a cardstock sticker from DaisyD's (comes on the sheet with the angel wings), so I kind of built the page around the frame and the purple accents on her tiara.



This one is using a bunch of stuff from the Narratives line. I just LOVE those big circle (and there are hearts too) stickers! They are so easy to use and really pack a big punch on the page. The only thing on this page that is not from the CI Narratives line here at Scrapwords is the silver tab with the date (well most of hte date - lol) in it.

This is my grandparents' and another relatives' (not exactly sure the relation there) wedding photo. They got married at city hall and I guess had this pic taken afterward. Sometime in the 1940's.




Swell said...

cute stuff! i like both versions of the Fresh Face layout, I couldn't pick one over the other! Oh and the Queen Ellie one is adorable! Have a great new years!

Suzanne said...

Added you to my Reader! :-) LOVE all the layouts!

Colleen said...

Wow! You have been a scrappin' fool! Love all the layouts and I totally agree about Google Reader -love that thing! Happy New Year!

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