Monday, December 17, 2007

What a weekend - or 4 more days to go!

I am totally counting the hours until I get a WHOLE WEEK OFF!!

We had a really crazy weekend. Friday I had the day off, and I honestly can't even remember what I did. I know that I ended up at JoAnns with Phyllis in the afternoon, and then sitting in traffic for 2 hours on my way to Lancaster. I picked up Ellie's (and Grace and Evan's) christmas pictures, and they all turned out great! When I got to Mom and Dad's, we had some supper and made some cookies and a cake for my work Christmas party. Then went to bed. Sat we rode the train with Santa in Strasburg. IT was fun. Of course Ellie and Grace were scared of Santa - honestly I dont really blame them. I mean I love Santa, but a big old guy who knows when you are asleep and when you are awake and sneaks into your house while you are asleep to give you gifts - kinda creepy if you think about it. The girls like the train ride though. The adults were bored and cramped in the tiny seat. But I am glad we went. After the train ride we beat it out of there and raced (literally) to the sandwhich shop down the road, because we were starving and knew that everyone else would be too. Sure enough, we got seated right away, but the people who were arriving when we were leaving (we were in and out pretty fast) had a half hour wait. Go us! Score one for the home team! So we made a few cookies and then I left for home around 3. When I got home I did a little scrapbooking. Can't wait to share my most favorite-est layout EVER, but right now I can't because it is in a contest, if you want to see it, it is over at Then it was off to the company Christmas party, it was fun. We were there until like 10:30, after which we went to party #2 of the evening - Frank and Tracie's, and stayed there until after midnight, after which, we went home and collapsed and slept until like 10! can you imagine? I can't remember the last time I slept until 10 am. So then back to Mom and Dad's to pick up Ellie, and make some more cookies, then back home for a little scrapbooking while Seth took Ellie out to dinner with his parents at the country club. It was their last dinner there because we all quit effective the end of the year. They brought me back my fave - cobb salad, no bacon, dressing on the side. Seth was a little peeved that I didnt want to go, but I really needed time to relax. And it is a good thing that I took that time, because while I was eating my salad I started getting a migraine, so off to bed for me. Stupid me, didnt take any medicine, hoping that I would sleep it off, which I didnt. And when I woke up at 4am, my head was THROBBING. so THEN I took meds and went back to sleep and got into work late. Bummer because I am soooo looking forward to being done this week, and now I have to work until 7pm tonight and 8pm if I want to get ahead. UGH!

BUT I got my mini album for scrapwords done and I posted my new fave LO on bad girls. Oh and I found out that I won a Hanukkah stamp from ScrapFaith! It is a neat one too.

The theme of the week seems to be Agnosticism. I seriously thought that all scrapbookers were Christian, with a majority being Mormon, but I have recently come across a wealth of Jewish, and more astonishingly, agnostic scrappers! I guess wonders never cease.

I think that is officially what I am goign to start calling myself - agnostic. For a while I thought it was atheist, then confused, then non-denominational Christian, then confused, then atheist, and now I think what I have been missing all along is the name 'agnostic'. It fits perfectly. I have to say that I still love Christmas though, and THAT my friends, is never going to change.

Ok, back to work I think. I am so tired and just plain worn out from the headache that I just dont know how I am going to make it another 2 or 3 hours, and the headache is still kinda there, but oh well, whatever. here's hopin!

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