Friday, December 21, 2007

a headache and some new pages

Last night I went home from work early with a migraine. And I felt like crap but I wasnt tired enough to sleep, so I did a little bit of light scrapping. It is interesting because my headaches start in my neck and they feel a little better if I bend my head forward and that just happens to be the way that I stand when I scrap! convenient huh?

 Plus, I can't watch tv, or look at the computer, and just laying in the dark seems to make it hurt worse because I just focus on it. So anyway, without further ado:


PP is basic grey and reminisce and deja views from the Scrapperie Glad Tidings kit, the letters are from my stash (I think they are CK brand and I hate them) and I added a Dude journaling card from ScrapWords, a chunk of plain red felt and the wooden star. FYI - don't use chalk ink on felt, it doesnt dry and it gets everywhere! I need to replace the photo of my nephew becuase I got ink on it and messed it up more while trying to clean it up.

oh and the scanner cut off the edges. The PP doesnt actually go all the way to the top and left side, there is actually a border of the red cardstock that I inked .


This page is from our very very cold day out to ride the train with Santa.  PP is Reminisce, ribbon is american crafts, letters are doodlebug - all from the Scrapperie Glad Tidings kit. Other stuff includes: Snowflake felt from Queen&Co, and the little blue crystals that I used to dot the i's. The frame around Ellie I made by painting white paint onto a leftover piece of transparency.


oh and the snowflake felt ALSO doesnt go all the way to the top, there is some more blue cardstock that was cut off by the scanner


So that is all that is interesting today, well except for Seth's trip to ACMoore. LOL! gosh I feel really bad about sending him, and even worse for laughing at him. Oh wait, no I don't. LOL.

So the story goes like this. I ran out of my decoupage sealer that I use to seal the photos that I print on my printer, because otherwise they smudge and scratch and stuff. So I hand DH the can and ask him to go to ACMoore today and pick me up another one. so he goes out to run errands with DD andhe of course, forgets the can. So he goes into ACMoore and finds someone and tells her what I want - something to seal photos. Which of course, is not ACTUALLY what I want, yes it is what I am doing, but I actually want decoupage sealer. So he calls and asks me and finally finds it, then he asks if I need anything else. Of course, I do. I need some rub-on letters, which I think are made my making memories, but it turns out are made by american crafts, so he is wandering around on the cell phone toting a two year old who wants to keep all the toys that she finds along the way, and saying "so rub-ons are different than stickers?", "so I see tools and stuff with the M emblem, is that right", so I see these glitter rub-on things and twinkle type boxes, so it ISNT with the paper?, cuttlebug, cricut, sizzix ...

LOL, at this point he is just rambling off random words that he sees. and I am trying to describe the thiing he is looking for (a package of mini marks rub-on letters) and I tell him to ask someone and he finds a random lady and asks if she knows where the mini marks are - lol! and I say, no! ask her if she knows where the rub-ons are! most people wont know 'mini marks' but they will know the rub-on section.

I dont know what happened because he hung up and said he was leaving then called back and said - "they arent made by making memories they are made by american crafts!" at which point I smack my forehead and say "duh sorry". but he found them!

oh right and it is 4 days before Christmas too! lol! I am such a jerk! I can't stop chuckling every time I hear it. *sorry seth I just can't help myself*

in other news, we are going to the in-laws for dinner tonight, like every friday. And I can't wait, because after my migraine I could really use a nice homecooked meal. Plus they are going to be away for a while, so I know ellie would like to see them first. Oh and I got an appt with Tammy the amazing Chiropractor that I have been seeing since I was 14, but who is 2 hours away from here so I try not to go to if I can help it. And the appt is for 10am on Christmas Eve! in hockessin Delaware. UGH! I need to go, and I can't wait, and it is great because hopefully I will have a good holiday afterward, but the drive is going to be brutal. and then I guess we will go somewhere for lunch which of course will be crowded as well, and then we will go to my grandparents for our first annual celebration with them on Christmas Eve.

Oh and in even other news (yeah I guess I had more to say than I thought) hopefully Shannon (one of the other new Tres Chic girls) is going to be coming over to scrap and party and celebrate our new position on the design team. We havent met before but we have a lot in common and live pretty close so it should be a blast.

ok, closing my mouth now.

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michele said...

you are too funny!
your poor DH!! hehe