Monday, December 17, 2007

A few more thoughts for today

Wow, I am feeling really chatty today. I have been reading some famous scrapbooker blogs and had some interesting thoughts running through my mind. First, who has the time to do this stuff? I mean, I am looking at pictures of homemade gift tags. Yeah, I made my gift tags, they consisted of scrap cardstock cut into squares and stamped with a stamp that has a little design and "to: from:" on it. Cute, functional, free. Great. But these ladies are making unique elaborate tags for each person, with the person's name stamped on, or using letter stickers that they have in their stash, or whatever. And of course the tags coordinate with the immaculately wrapped gifts. Seriously?! Are you freaking kidding me? I mean, one year when I was single and had no kids, I bought coordinating paper and ribbons and made some tags (again just stamped) and my gifts looked all pretty. But this year my gifts are wrapped in a collection of dollar store papers. Yeah, they coordinate, I have the candy cane stripe and the red with gold dots. So I went with an all red theme. I even bought some silver curling ribbon, but it didnt make it onto the packages and it probably wont. I love a gorgeous present as much as the next person, but do people really appreciate that? I mean, I wrapped the present that I was taking to my office party (which I ended up forgetting on the dining room table) with a big red wire edged ribbon bow, because I knew that a bunch of adults were going to be looking at it. But kids certainly dont care. And when it is all said and done, that gorgeous paper and the tags too, usually end up in the trash - or in the fire at my house! I just can't justify spending the time to make gorgeous tags that no one is going to appreciate, when I could be spending that time scrapping some gorgeous pages, or *gasp* creating some memories with the people who receive my hastily wrapped, bow-less gifts.

And another thing. whose house looks like that? I am seeing pics of dinner parties with coordinating china, including charger plates and multiple table cloths and real napkins. It looks like something out of pottery barn. Yes, it's gorgeous, yes, I would love to set a table like that, yes I COULD set a table like that. I used to work for a caterer, I really know how to set a gorgeous table, but I am lacking in the coordinating christmas china and the real cloth napkins for 18, which of course coordinate with the silk table cloth - yeah silk! are you kidding me? even adults spill stuff, OFTEN. you wouldnt catch me putting a silk tablecloth out for my crowd. And they arent the worst behaved crowd, we just always manage to spill something.

Finally, what is with all the pics of 'inspiration'. Yes I read these blogs for inspiration, but I don't really care to see a pic from the pages of the crate and barrel catalog, just because you thought that the giant numbers on the wall were cool. And yeah, I guess I dont have to read your blog if I dont care. But I just wonder who you think is going to care? And if it were one or two pictures that really struck you, like the row of cupcakes with sherbet colored icing, then fine. But I dont need to see 10 random pics that you thought were cool. That you ACTUALLY took off of another blog. And then I think - what a pain, you had to actually save that photo and put it in your photobucket account (or whatever) and then copy it into your blog, and that took you a lot of time. Dont you have something better to do, like use that inspiration to make some gorgeous gift tags for the little favors that you are going to put at each place setting on your gorgeous table?

yeah, I'm jealous. I admit it. I wish I had the time to do all that stuff, and the money to buy the china and the silk, and not care if it got ruined. alas. I have limits on my time and money.

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Janet said... just crack me up!!!!! I hear you!!!!!!!