Friday, December 7, 2007

17 days until Christmas!

I am beginning to feel the stress. I dont really know why, since I am done my shopping, and I dont have much baking or other preparations. But I guess the problem is that my house is a mess and I have no decorations up yet. The good news is that the the kitchen floor is done. So now we can clean and start decorating. Flor is coming to clean on Monday, so I will probably just do some wrapping and scrapping this weekend and get to decorating in earnest next weekend.

I am very excited because my first kit from Bad Girls arrived today. I havent actually seen it, but seth says it is there. I plan to take a peek as soon as I get home. However, before getting home we are having a party at Sherry and Bob's for Hannukah. Everyone will be there. It should be fun; Ellie loves lighting the candles and singing the songs, and of course opening the presents. So far, she is LOVING Hannukah. I can't wait for her to see Christmas, she is goign to love that too. I think the gifts are really the key, and the attention. But oh well, what are you going to do. Halloween was a hit because of the candy. She's two, what can you expect.

That is all for now I guess. Back to work.

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