Monday, April 28, 2008


I have been a little lax lately about updating my blog- sorry. Things have just been crazy! Anyway, this is a copy from my scrapwords blog so if you read that then this is nothing new - sorry.

Well, I did a little scrapping this weekend but I dont have anything to share right now because one is for a contest so I can't share that until the contest is over. The other stuff, I didnt take pics of yet because the weather has been awful so I cant get good light.
Here are a couple that I found from last weekend though. these are for my Scrapperie Design team work and the letters on the first one are from
This one is the second of a two page spread. The first side was the one I did for Selena's sketch challenge. This one is just some supporting photos. I used my threading water punch on the red background paper. I still have to get the corners figured out, but other than that I think it worked pretty well!
Oh I forgot to give you the update. Hmmm, I can't remember what we did Friday night -oh wait, yeah we had ice cream for dinner again. LOL! It was still Passover so DH made some meat but no side dishes and we were all still hungry and I needed to get gas in my car and the gas station is next to the ice cream shop, so we went and had ice cream for dinner. Saturday morning Ellie went to gymnastics and I stayed home and straightened up the house because the cleaning people were coming, and I worked out and did some cleaning of my scrap room. Then DH and DD brought me my coffee - our Sat ritual (hmmm maybe I should scrap that) and then we did laundry and cleaned the scrap room. Ellie helped me sort the laundry and sort coupons and sort my buttons into my new button organizer. She loves being helpful and she is really into sorting right now. I was amazed at how good she was at sorting the buttons! We sorted them by colors into the new organizer, and she was slower than me, looking at each button and proclaiming it 'big' or 'little' or 'little-tiny' and then the color, and then she would put it in the right section, and if one of us dropped a button into the wrong compartment she would fish it out and get it in the right one. It was so cute! Then DH took Ellie over to my parents house to spend the night. I was a little bummed to see her go because I didnt get to spend much time with her this week, but my parents hadnt seen her in a while, and it was cool because Seth and I went out with some friends for dinner at a Hibachi restaurant. If you havent been to one you have to go because they are so much fun - it is like dinner and a show! LOL! Then we hung out at their house and talked until MIDNIGHT! can you believe that - sooo very way past my bedtime. (on and I scrapped while he was driving her to my parents)
Sunday we of course slept in because we were up late. Then we went to starbucks for coffee and I had an egg sandwhich. Then we went to JoAnn's and BJ's and then met my parents and ellie for lunch. Then we went to a fish store and got some algae eater fish. And ellie and I looked at all the other pets that they had there - kittens and puppies and rabbits oh my! LOL! they were so cute!
When we got home, more laundry ( I think I did 10 loads this weekend!) and more scrapping, and more organizing my scrap room, and we used our new dremel on the dog's nails. Our poor dog - she always has the longest nails because it is such an ordeal to trim them! Forget clippers. When we lived in an apartment and were clipping her nails with clippers, she would scream so much that I thought for sure someone would call the cops on us for animal cruelty. The fact that they didnt is actually kinda scary. So we started using a dremel and she hates that less, but she still whines and thrashes and it is a two person job and takes like half an hour. So anyway, seth bought this new cordless small dremel and that makes it easier, plus he thought maybe I could use it in my scrapping. I havent quite figured out how yet, but I will! It has little tiny attachments and can etch glass and stuff. so we'll see.

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