Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Fever

Here is a page that I made with the new Fancy Pants paper!
Everything on this page is from scrapwords except the stamp, and the bazzill.
Felt is fancy pants, paper is fancy pants, letters are daisy d's. I used a pagemaps sketch. The journaling is actually lyrics to the song springfever, then I added the date and location on the stamp.


Wow, I really think that this working out thing is giving me more energy! this morning ellie woke me up at 5 and I was ready to get up! In fact I was yearning to go work out! But I had to lay there with her a while, so I didnt get up until 5:30 - at which time I was pretty tired and had to drag myself out. But once I was up, I was raring to go again. I watched Gossip Girl - my new favorite show, while I worked out, then had a leisurely morning of coffee, oatmeal, the rest of Gossip Girl, cuddling with ellie, a little scrapping, and some photo editing (of the work that I did this weekend)


Suzanne said...

Wow, Megan, your layout is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

Shannon (Swell) said...

wow, that is gorgeous! i love those pink trees, their my fave...that and the pink blanket of petals it leaves everywhere