Thursday, April 24, 2008

Salads are bad for me!

Seriously! I know that some people swear by them, and I like them sometimes, but they just dont seem to work for me diet wise. I mean, maybe it is all in my head - which is entirely possible, but it seems that whenever I eat a salad, it leaves me feeling even more hungry than before! I had a cobb salad for lunch today - tomatoes, lettuce, onions, eggs, chicken and blue cheese. Although I must say that they went really easy on the blue cheese. I had the dressing on the side and didnt eat any of it. I did not eat the roll. Then I left for work. Well on teh way to work I got hungry. So when I got into work and saw all the donuts and soft pretzels in the kitchen, I opened my yogurt. Not all yogurts are created equal! This one was mighty tasty (well once I added my little bit of fat free granola just for crunch because I can't stand the texture of yogurt) but it was 180 calories!!! so now I am almost at my limit for my 'before dinner' number of calories, and it is only 2pm and I am snacking on my whole wheat pretzels again. So yeah, I made 'good' choices, but it just doesnt seem to be working for me :( I did work out today though - and harder than normal. Oh and the scale says I am down 2lbs! woohoo! but I am not getting too excited about that because it is probably just water weight and I can't tell you how many times I have said down 2lbs - enough that by now I should weigh nothing at all! (Of course I never mention when I gain it back - LOL - shhhh, its our little secret, OK?)

Now, I just have to give a shout out to Leslie because we have been talking about our plans for CHA in July and I sooooo can't wait!!! Not only do I get to go to the convention but I get to meet Les, FINALLY!!

Ok, now to the fun part, some pages - or cards rather:

These cards are not the most beautiful ever, but I am rather proud of them. I tried a few new techniques on them and used some paper and stickers that are so old that I thought I was truly never going to use - and which I honestly hated so much that I didnt even want to RAK them away! LOL! So, yeah, I am pretty proud of them. And if you want to learn more about them, I wrote about them in my article at Scrapwords this week.


Wow, today is a day for randomness, so here is something that I made last week and never shared. It was tough, I seriously did not know what to do with this. and I never claimed altering (or card making to be honest) as a strength of mine. But here is the mirror that I got at good will to hang in my scrap room

after: (Daisy D's papers and rub-ons, some misc buttons and ribbons and a lot of paint and glimmer mist)

Finally, back to the boring stuff - no pics here - a little story (or two).

First: what a genius my daughter is! Yesterday I got a call from DH. He says this, "So, I was singing Love Shack along with the radio while I was making dinner, and I get to the part where it goes - new tires, it's as big as a whale and its about to set sail - and Ellie says 'Daddy, it's not a whale, it's a car. Cars don't sail, they roll.'" She is two and a half! How genius is that?!

Ok, now onto something even MORE boring - lol! So, yesterday we took DH's car to the shop. Today Ellie had gym class, so I worked from home this morning to let Seth borrow my car and take Ellie to gym class. Well, Ellie didnt want to go to gym class. She was literally throwing a fit (rather unlike her) and screaming and crying that she wanted to stay with mommy! She thought I was staying home and she wanted to play games with me and read stories. We tried to explain to her that mommy still had to work and that I was only home so she could go to gym class, and that if she didnt go to gym class I would just have to go to work, but she didnt believe us. So Seth had to take her out kicking and screaming. Gosh, it totally broke my heart! on so many levels!


Suzanne said...

Megan, you crack me up! Salads are NOT bad for you, it has it's redeeming qualities! LOL And that bit about the song "Love Shack"... :-D Out of the mouths of babes! LOL Love your creations, as always. I really need to get back over to Scrapwords...

scrapwordsmom said...

Oh, Meg...I can so relate to tantrums. Emma was the QUEEN of them! LOL!!

About that salad...they aren't very filling to me either. What I do is eat a salad making sure you have plenty of protein on it like chicken and egg whites. Use a lower cal dressing if you want and honestly that is a very low cal lunch. Too low. Choose a nice, whole wheat roll or my favorite Ezekial bread (no white flour) and maybe a piece of fruit. I think that would have satisfied you better. Or add a bowl of low-fat soup to go with your salad. If you don't want the roll try a serving of Triscuits. You get like 6 or 7!!