Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Home from GA

So, I am finally home, after a long long day! We left the house in Savannah at around 9 am. And then our bad luck started. First our bag was overweight, so we had to buy another bag and move some stuff into it in order to not pay the $50 fine for an overweight bag. The bag that we bought only cost $16 and hey, now we have a bag to keep for next time – thank you to the really great gate agent who suggested that we visit the gift shop for a new bag! Then we went through security. And the threat level was orange – I have no idea why. And I don know if that has anything to do with it or not, but they found two suspicious things in our bags from the xray, so we had to have two separate bags searched. The first thing was ellie’s m&ms and crayons which were in a pencil case and apparently looked like a liquid on the xray, and then the other thing was the packages of sliced cheese that Kenny and Phyllis asked us to bring back for them because apparently you can’t get that kind in our area. Oh well, on we went, to wait at the gate, have lunch and take ellie to the bathroom – which is always an event in a public restroom because I am super paranoid about her touching stuff. But we made it, on the plane. Then they told us that we were delayed, and would sit on the tarmac for an hour, then they told us that we were further delayed and would sit for another hour. Our flight was supposed to leave at 12:30 and ended up taking off at 3:15!! Now that would have been bad enough if we were waiting in the terminal, but of course we were sitting on the plane with a 2.5 year old. Luckily, I have the best behaved child EVER!! No less than five people stopped to tell us how great she was. Then of course after sitting for hours and having the really nice flight attendant stop by with drinks more than a couple times, she had to go potty. I was dreading that! If you don’t know – ellie insists on going potty by herself with no assistance from anyone except for the help of stripping her pants, undies and shoes. She doesn’t use a seat, steps or a chair, rather she acrobatically climbs up onto the seat and straddles the seat. So as you can imagine, even a not so paranoid about germs person like me, is a little skeeved out by the idea of her walking barefoot on a public restroom floor and then holding on and climbing up, but she WILL NOT let me hold her over the potty or help in any way. She did compromise by allowing me to have her stand on my leg in her barefeet rather than standing on the gross floor. ANYWAY, obviously in the tiny bathroom on the airplane that was out of the question, and I explained that to her and despite being tired and bored from sitting on the airplane for three hours, she let me hold her over the potty and not take her pants all the way off!!I am sooooo proud of her!! Then we took off and she SCREAMED, so much that I was almost crying! But luckily pretty much as soon as we were in the air, she fell asleep and I was able to get a glass of wine, which I desperately needed after all that screaming! I felt so bad for her!

These are both pages that I worked on while I was on vacation. They both use a lot of the making memories 5th avenue collection almost everything is from the Scarlet Lime March kit.

Those black flowers are cosmo cricket's new blackboard stuff - pretty cool!

oh and in the second one, the mat behind the main photo (the black with small polka dots) is part of the packaging!!

Oh and can I just say that I got a new appreciation for all my tools since I had only a pair of scissors, a 9x9 mat, two rulers and an exacto knife. No paper trimmer!! it was CRAZY!!



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