Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Story of the Fluffy (pt 1)

First, let me tell you that I was the pick of the day yesterday at a cherry on for this layout that I made with my scarlet lime kit and the journaling card from my scrapperie kit.

The story of Fluffy Part 1

You may or may not know that we STILL have problems with Ellie sleeping through the night. Well I was reading an article in a magazine by an author with three kids who each had a different way of soothing themselves at night. Child 1 used Mommy for soothing (yep that's ellie). Child 2 used her thumb. Child 3 used a special stuffed animal. Well, Ellie uses Mommy, but that is the problem because she wants to sleep with me but then Seth and I can't sleep. So we are trying to get around that. So, we can't and dont want to, encourage her to suck her thumb, so what does that leave but a stuffed animal or 'blankie'. However, she has tons of both of those but never made a particular connection. So, two nights ago in the middle of the night while she was begging me to sleep with her, I thought, hmmm, what if I gave her a special animal that was MINE when I was a baby. I could make a big deal out of it and tell her how special it is and how I slept with it, yadda yadda yadda. Only problem is that my stuffed animal , Fluffy Duck, got so grungy that he was thrown away. (not that I was ever particularly bonded to him either, but I was a little) Soooo, I thought, ok I will get an animal LIKE fluffy duck and tell her that it is mine. So there begins the deception. I also had a 'gund' brand bear that I loved when I was a little older, because it was so soft. So I set out to find a gund duck - or bear if I couldnt find a duck - and name him fluffy. I found a pink bear, super soft, named him fluffy, carried him around at work all day to 'season' him, wrote my name on his foot and smuggled him into the cedar chest at the foot of my bed. (yes, believe me the irony that I call it a 'him' despite the fact that it is a pink bear is not lost on me, but Fluffy was a him, and I have had to sort of convince myself that this is a reincarnation of Fluffy or else I feel like a liar, so yeah it's a pink BOY bear) Well that night she fell asleep at her grandparents and I didnt have a chance to give Fluffy to her. So last night I did. Around 7pm I started explaining to her about Fluffy and how he was mine and he kept me company at night and now I wanted her to have him, and would she please take good care of him. She said yes. So we went to the cedar chest and got him out. She was TOTALLY convinced that he was MY special bear. She had this total look of awe on her face as she clasped him to her chest. Then she proceeded to go pick up one of her old toys and tell me how that dog is hers and the bear is mine. She had one in each hand. I kept trying to explain that I was giving the bear to her, but she didnt buy it. Fast forward to bed time, and I am tired and go up to bed, but she is hungry so seth gets her something to eat. I hold the bear, intending for her to come upstairs and see me in bed with the bear and then I will give it to her. Well, I fall asleep. At around 1:50 (ok exactly because I looked at the clock) she wakes up crying. So I get up and go in, still holding the bear. Give her the bear and tell her that HE will keep her company tonight and Mommy has to go potty. She whines a little as I leave the room but falls back to sleep with the bear in her arms. (I almost went for my camera but it was 2am that would be crazy!) Well, she slept with the bear until around 6am when I was in the basement working out and she came downstairs dragging the bear behind her by the foot. She then gave the bear to me and said it was mine. I told her yes but I gave it to her! but she didnt buy it. She ate breakfast with the bear sitting next to her, then gave it back to me again. she was upset when I wouldnt hold it. Every time I tried to put it down, she would tell me that the bear was mine and I should hold him. So finally I asked her if we should put him back in the trunk because I had to go to work and she wouldnt let me put him on the bed, and she said yes. So there lies the bear - back in the trunk at the foot of my bed. Hmmmmm.

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Colleen said...

What a great story Megan! This is a layout for sure and I can't wait to hear Part 2!!