Wednesday, April 9, 2008

a find at goodwill

Ok, don't think that I am turning into one of those scrap celebs or scrap celeb wanna be's who adore anything vintage. Not that I have a problem with vintage, there are certain things that I love for their vintage look - like a copper rooster baking pan that I checked out at goodwill but didnt buy. I thought it was cute and might look cute in my kitchen, but couldnt think where I would hang it. Really, I hate 'stuff'. I hate having too many doo-dads around my house collecting dust and taking up space.

But I went to goodwill because I am having a really rough day at work and I wanted to get out. But once I was in the car I had no idea where to go. I didnt have a coupon for ACMoore (can you imagine?) and I absolutely refuse to go there if I dont have a coupon. And I thought about old navy but I hate shopping for clothes since I need to lose weight and I knew I wasnt in the mood for that. Then I remembered the goodwill. I keep passing it and thinking that I should stop in sometime just to check it out, but I never do. Well today I did. It is a really big store with a good selection of 'stuff' - i.e. not clothes - although there is a big selection of clothes too. I found a black tv stand that I am almost positive came from target and I almost bought it to use in my dining room but it was $50 and I dont really need it.

What I DID buy is a tiny little glass mason jar with a handle that I intend to put small cut flowers from my garden in. (I cut some daffodils the other day and had nothing that was the right size to put them in)

And I got a mirror. It is just a smallish oval mirror with a stand and a hanger so you can do either, and it has a not too bad but not too great wood frame with a bunch of details on it. I plan to paint it black and funk it up and hang it in my scrap room because I do my hair down there all the time and have no mirror. It was only .97 !!

I am going to go wild with it, because for that price, who cares if I mess it up?!


rajah1116 said...

I have not been to goodwill in years...perhaps I should check it out!

Shannon (Swell) said...

wtg on not buying crap you don't need! i have a problem where if i go into a store, i have to buy at least one thing...doesn't even matter if i like/need it. i need a support group.

scrapwordsmom said...

I want to see it when you are done with it! Sounds like so much fun. I
love thrift stores!!!