Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We're BACK!

In case you didn't know, we went to Acadia National Park in Maine for our vacation this last week. Ellie and I left on Wed morning and drove to somewhere outside of Boston before stopping for the night. Then on Thursday we continued on, stopped in Freeport Maine for lunch, then on to Acadia. We set up the tent BY OURSELVES! and Seth and Jack drove all night and showed up around 5am. All in all we had a GREAT time! the 12 hour drive really stunk, but other than that it was awesome. We hiked, rock hopped, checked out some tide pools, learned a few things, ate some lobster and lots of things made out of blueberries, and just relaxed. We really didnt have much choice except to relax since there was little to no cell service there. We couldnt get any data connections, so - no email, no internet, no gps, etc. We all went through a little withdrawal at first, but then it was kind of nice.

So, here is a recap of day 2 for ellie and I.

We stopped in Freeport, for lunch and to check out the LL Bean headquarters. I kind of thought that Freeport was like a quaint fishing town. It was more like one big LL Bean store and some other misc outlets. We did get Ellie a new backpack though. She needed one and she got to pick her own color for the monogramming. Here she is posing with the giant boot and her new backpack. She was leaning against the boot like a model. I didnt tell her to do that, just to show me her backpack.

Then we had lobster rolls for lunch. They were yummy.

It was two more hours to Acadia where we got checked in, got lost trying to find our campground and got our tent set up. Yep, just the two of us managed to get that giant tent set up. Ellie was a BIG help! Here she is assembling the tent poles.

After we had a place to sleep we went down to the town and had dinner, followed by some candy and a stroll around the town.

oh and with dinner I had a blueberry martini - YUM! It would be the first of MANY blueberry foods - blueberry pancakes, syrup, beer, soda, coffee, muffins, jam, ice cream, fresh blueberries from the mountain. Im sure there are more but I cant remember them right now.

more stuff tomorrow. Now I have to get back to unpacking/washing.


scrapwordsmom said...

Ellie is such a big girl!!! Wow! She has grown up. Looks like you guys had a blast. And Megan, I am VERY impressed you put that tent up!!! I could never do that!

Sandy said...

Haha! Love that Ellie posed like that with the shoe! Great job with the tent. I've always wanted to go to Acadia.