Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 3 - Acadia

This is a picture heavy one, because there are just so many beautiful pics!
First we went to the July 4th celebration in Bar Harbor and had blueberry pancakes - yum!

Then we totally got out of there, because the place was a zoo with people and vehicles getting ready for the parade. Im sure it was a nice parade, but we wanted to see Acadia. So we headed for sand beach and the start of the Ocean Path trail. which was supposed to be easy and short, but we got distracted along the way and it ended up taking a lot longer than it should have and we all got sun burned. not ellie because I always slather her with sunscreen, but do I do that for myself? no! just my face, so my arms and neck were fried.

First is ellie showing off her moose tattoo that I got for her in town while they were on the boat. Then one of the many gorgeous views. Followed by Ellie and Seth looking at tide pools - because who doesnt love tide pools?

Here we have some more rock hopping / clamoring pics, still on the ocean path trail - or rather, OFF the ocean path trail.

I think I will save the rest of day 3 for tomorrow - it was a very busy day.

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anazelia said...

wow it is all so beautiful. and that pic of ellie climbing (with help) is amazing.