Monday, July 26, 2010

awww, she wants to be just like me!

Sunday, Ellie asked if she could have one of the pictures that I printed out. I had a duplicate, so I gave her one. She picked this piece of paper from the stack of old papers that I have for her. (you can't tell from the photo, but it has muted yellow squares overlapping on it)

Then she glued the one scrap on behind the photo, put the flower on - she poked the stem through the paper and then couldnt figure out why it didnt have prongs like a brad. I glued it on for her.

Then she used her deco scissors to decorate the corners - all by herself, all her ideas! I did tell her she should write our names on there as a title. (anything to get her writing and spelling.)


anazelia said...

oh that is so cute and sweet.

Janet said...

Soo cute! Don't you just love it when she scraps with you!!

jaspertoes said...

She did wonderful for her first page. I hope you save that forever. Tell her I said it is an awesome page. Hope she continues expressing herself with paper. :)