Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day Two - Acadia

Seth and Jack arrived at about 5am on Friday morning after having driven all night. Ellie woke up at about 5:30. (I think them moving around was what woke her) They crashed, she started talking/bothering me. I managed to get her to color and play for a while then we got up around 7am and left because I didnt want her to wake them.

We went into Bar Harbor because I NEEDED coffee. I drink coffee every morning and joke about needing it, but some days I can get by without it if need be. Not after that night though. And I had brought some old instant coffee, but I couldnt find the lighter to light the stove to heat the water. So, we went to find breakfast. We found a cute cafe and had coffee and popovers with yummy blueberry jam. Then we headed to Sand Beach, to wait for the 9am kids themed ranger discussion about the beach. HAHA - we had to WAIT for the NINE AM event. We had a blast though. We had the beach all to ourselves for about a half hour. We found sand dollars and shells and tide pools. The beach was GORGEOUS! just gorgeous!

After about an hour the rangers showed up. We asked some questions about the stuff we had found, then they got into their presentation. They told us about the sand - all the shells and stuff that were broken up to make it. We also learned why the sand accumulates here but not on any other places on the island and that when it is stormy the sand beach turns into a rock beach because all the sand gets sucked out to sea. The kids dug to see what is under the sand (rocks) but couldn't seem to get deep enough even though the ranger said she was here a couple days ago and had no problem. then we moved on to looking at the rocks and seaweed and snails. At that point Ellie got bored because we had already done that, so she went back to digging and throwing sand. So, then I decided it was time to go see if the men were awake yet and bring them their muffins.

They were awake and ate their muffins, then Jack tried to go back to bed. Ellie wasnt really having any of that though. So after hanging out for a little while, we went into town for lunch at the Mad Hatter pub where we had, among other things, some yummy portabella mushroom french fries.

At 1:30 Ellie and I had tickets to go on Diver Ed's dive in theater boat ride. Diver Ed wears a dry suit and takes a camera and mic down under the sea and broadcasts real time up onto the boat where the kids (and adults) watch him talk about sea life. then he brings some of his finds up and has a touch tank kind of show. Well, originally I had planned to take Ellie and let the men sleep, but since they were awake anyway, I told Seth he should take her since I hate boats. So all three of them ended up going while I wandered around Bar Harbor and shopped. It was relaxing for me and they had a great time. Ellie was pretty excited that she got to help push Diver Ed over the side into the water, and then she got to touch a lobster and a crab and a starfish.


anazelia said...

looks like a great time. and I have to have coffee every morning. and it isn't a joke.

Marlene said...

Ahhh...we were there last year. Beautiful place. Enjoy!