Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I was featured!

I submitted a few Christmas pages from this past Christmas to the Websters Pages ning gallery and they picked one to be one of the weekly featured layouts. I must say that I was rather fond of this one also. It was part of my Jan ACOT reveal, or was it December and this pic was from the year before? I can't remember.

Speaking of being featured, I think I forgot to share with you that I was also featured on the My Mind's Eye blog recently for this layout that was part of last month's ACOT reveal. (I did post about it on Facebook so you might have seen it.) But I know I just got the prize a couple of days ago and I was shocked! They had asked what my favorite line is, and I said Quite Contrary - Mary Mary. They sent me the whole Quite Contrary line, not just Mary Mary, but Little Boy Blue and Little Miss Muffett and I think there is one other one. They even included some Lush matching brads in three colors! Wow! And to think - this wasnt even a contest that I entered or anything. Just so suprising! So thank you My Mind's Eye!

And now for some randomness. Boy did we have some rain today! It took me almost twice as long as usual to get to work and at one point I drove into a 'puddle' that was at least a foot deep. I seriously thought I was going to stall out. And I am writing this now because my shoes and socks are STILL wet, despite having been taken off immediately and laying on my office floor all day. Thank goodness I had an umbrella is all I have to say!


anazelia said...

that is fantastic Megan. For both features. Congrats.

scrapwordsmom said...

I love your work...but you already know that:) So happy for you on your winnings!! I bet that was so fun going through everything!!!

Sandy said...

Congratulations on both features - it's good that others are beginning to know how talented you are - as we all do!

Marlene said...

Congratulations!! Your work is amazing!