Tuesday, October 7, 2008

some thoughts today

First: This morning on my way to work, a motorcade followed me down the road - multiple police cars with flashing lights and multiple SUVs with dark tinted windows - some with flashing lights and some not. (I was flipping out at first wondering what I had done and if I should pull over, but they werent in any hurry)

I had no idea who it was but figured it had to be one of the candidates. Now my coworkers who went out to lunch have been saying how bad the traffic is, so I googled it. Its Joe Biden in town for his MILs funeral

Second: what do you think about Disney re-releases, and this Sleeping Beauty one in particular? I am thinking of getting it for Ellie for her birthday, but I worry that it might be too scary. Then the other part of me wonders how much different it is from the one that came out the last time they released it? I mean, great marketing technique on Disney's part.

Third: Ellie is now signed up for Gymnastics class. I am excited because it gives Seth more time to study, AND ellie gets to do something she likes, and I get to feel like I am a 'good mom' who sends her kid to gymnastics class

Finally, some projects from the 2scrappychix Oct project kit featuring moxxie halloween stuff:





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Anonymous said...

Hi, just found you from scrapwords. I was trying to find your October challenge?
Anyhoo, love these cute Halloween cards, so fun! Thanks for inspiring!
ciao, Danielle